Ke The Athlete Refugee Team

On is proud sponsor of the Athlete Refugee Team, and has long been involved with helping these athletes achieve all they can through the Tegla Loupe Peace Foundation leading to the Olympics in 2020.

Whether African, refugees or whatever, we are all one. It’s not about representing any country; this is for all refugees. In sport, we are all one people: athletes - Gai Nyang


South Sudanese, Somalian, Congolese and Ethiopian make up the majority of refugee team's original nationalities, yet they all fly under a united banner “as one” representing at heart the human spirit they hold as their mantra (read more about their mantra here or watch the video below).


Fleeing war and persecution, these athletes now are given the chance to focus on their sports and show the world all they are capable of. In 2017, On presented the first official ART uniform ahead of the IAAF Athletics World Championships (which you can see more about here). This kit is now the symbol of the Athlete Refugee Team, giving them their own identity at events leading up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.


On Weather Jacket
Worn by the Athlete Refugee Team both on and off the track.
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On Running Pants
For training and performance in changing climates worldwide.
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