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Tech Profile: The Sprinter Shorts

Take on any challenge in the Sprinter Shorts. Tough, technical and super lightweight, they’ll keep you comfortable as you log your miles.


Out there. That’s where the adventures start. Whether it’s chasing your PB around the track, a quick neighborhood run to kick-start your day or hitting backcountry trails, freedom and new discoveries lie around every corner.


And that’s where the Sprinter Shorts come in.


Designed to meet the demands of those who like to move fast in the city and on the trails, these ultralight shorts are ideal for those looking to get away from the daily grind at top speed.


Featuring advanced materials chosen for their technical performance and durability, they were built to keep you feeling comfortable when pushing yourself to the limit. Because when you’re heading out on an adventure, you need apparel you can trust.



Engineered to perform


According to Monica Heiden, Senior Apparel Developer at On, the Sprinter Shorts are the perfect choice if you love to run on the wild side: “We developed them to be light and protective – and temperature regulating when you’re trying to move fast.” 


Made to go where you go, the Sprinter Shorts combine innovative fabrics with cutting-edge design to push your performance forward and ensure you’re ready to face your next challenge.


Soft to the touch but super strong, they use a unique polyamide mix for the ultimate freedom of movement, making even the hardest of runs easier.


Engineered for close-fit comfort, reflective logos provide extra visibility when the light fades, while UV-protection will save you from harmful rays on even the longest of days.



Packed full of potential


When you’re out on a mission, details really matter. So the team in the On Lab found a way to pack them into the Sprinter Shorts without compromising on style or weight. 


The wide comfort waistband comes with mesh pockets – perfect for carrying vital energy gels on epic missions – and a super handy key loop for added security and peace of mind.


Versatile side pockets make it much easier to carry the essentials – especially if you’re heading out for a long run. Designed to keep the elements out and important things in, they’re large enough to stash a phone.


“Like with any piece of outdoor-inspired apparel, we wanted to focus on what would work for the wearer, whatever terrain they tackle. At the same time, you need breathability when you're out exploring for hours at a time. So, our goal was to strike a balance between durability and comfort. That's what inspired us to create the Sprinter Shorts." – Monica Heiden, Senior Apparel Developer at On. 



Breathe easy


It’s important to stay comfortable, even when facing the toughest of tests, so breathability is key. Just because you've earned the sweat doesn't mean you want to run in it.


That’s where the moisture-wicking properties of the Sprinter Shorts come in. Crafted from a technical blend of materials designed to ensure you don’t overheat when you pick up the pace, they transport sweat away from your body, so you feel dry and light on your feet as you power through your session.


Because nothing should stop you from chasing that next adventure.



The perfect pair


When the weather turns a bit wild, the Sprinter Shorts can also be used as a base beneath our Waterproof Pants. One less thing to think about and one more reason to stay out there.


However you choose to wear them, with their innovative combination of technical fabrics, smart features and Swiss engineering, the Sprinter Shorts will be your go-to to get out at top speed.


Ready, set, sprint.


The Sprinter Shorts
Ultralight close-fit shorts for all distances.
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