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Tech Profile: Meet the all-new Cloudtrax

Designed for both the street and mountain peak, this is the hiking shoe for the next generation of explorers.


What makes the perfect outdoor shoe? Perhaps you’ve given it a thought, but the truth is, no shoe truly fits all. You may be an expert hiker, or one that’s excited to take on the trails for the very first time. You might live by the mountains, or inside city limits with a passion for exploration. That’s where the all-new Cloudtrax comes in. 


Engineered by nature, the shoe was designed with one goal in mind: to take you back to your roots – the outdoors. Maybe you’ve never seen a mountain before, but the Cloudtrax is all you need to get out there and do what you were born to. 



Its versatile design bridges the gap between city streets and mountain peaks, while its colorways are outdoor-inspired. They pay homage to a few bodies of water in the Engadin Valley, where our three founders created On – the Maira, a river that flows through the Swiss Alps to Italy, and the stunning watershed where the Maira meets two other rivers, the Gelgia and the Inn. Read: Places that are breathtakingly beautiful and definitely worth a visit. 


The Cloudtrax is durable and has water-repellant materials, but it’s also sustainable. Made from 85-95% recycled polyester, its upper keeps the planet in mind. It’s got just the right amount of grip to keep adventures from slipping away, and the running-inspired tech that makes our outdoor collection stand out from the rest. This is the hiking shoe you’ve been waiting for. 


The all-new Cloudtrax
The light, cushioned outdoor shoe made for a new generation of explorers who move between the city and mountains.
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Hold on to the adventure 

Whether you want to stroll through the park or wander towards new heights, this shoe has the traction you need to get out and explore. Its Missiongrip™ outsole features a variety of patterns, which enhance grip on mixed terrain. In other words, you can focus on your goals because they won’t slip away.


If you want to go further or higher, you can trust the Cloudtrax will get you there. Connected lugs around the forefoot provide additional traction for steeper accents and technical, rocky paths, so you don’t have to think twice about your next step. Ready to go?



Make any climate yours

Adventure doesn’t wait, so we engineered the Cloudtrax to perform across any climate. What does that mean? Its breathable mesh tongue combines with a protective and water-repellant vamp to ensure lasting comfort through changing conditions. Cold, warm, dry, or humid, this shoe can take them all on. With tech like this, it’s hard to make any excuses. You’ll just have to go out and explore the grand outdoors. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



It’s all about balance

Nature can take its toll, but that’s part of its beauty. To get you past uneven roads and other mixed terrain, we had to strike the perfect balance between stability and comfort. The shoe’s tough midsole give just the right stability and feedback you need at the forefoot to keep moving confidently. In turn, its soft, yet durable cloud elements provide cushioning so you can explore from sunrise to sunset and say yes to that extra mile. 


How about speed? We’ve got you covered. To increase forward-motion power, we reengineered the shoe’s Speedboard®. It’s fast and agile, so you can enjoy the outdoors at the speed you’d like to. Talk about no-compromise performance. 



Don’t waste a second

When you’re ready to explore, the last thing you want to think about is complicated boot laces, so you don’t have to. The Cloudtrax has a one-pull speed lacing system, which allows you to step in and go.  All you have to do is pull and then tuck in the excess laces at the elasticated loop. Finding your perfect fit is that easy. The design is so intuitive that you’ll know what to do as soon as you see the shoe.


If you need a little extra help stepping in, the shoe’s got a unique heel cut out. It provides just enough space to slip in your foot in one go. So, what’s holding you up? Get out and explore. 


Own the Cloudtrax
Now that you’ve read about its tech, step into the Cloudtrax. Take on your next adventure with this light, versatile hiking shoe.
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