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The Speed Project 2022: On International Women’s Team Application

Calling all female runners. Think you have what it takes to run a 340-mile relay in the scorching desert heat? We’re looking for six of the fastest female runners from around the world to take part in The Speed Project’s LALV desert ultra relay.


The Speed Project is a race unlike any other. Since 2013, participants have been running from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with no set route, no specific rules, and only one goal - to get there as fast as possible. It’s raw. It’s gritty. It’s wild.


You’ll be part of a 6-woman relay team running 340 miles through the Mojave desert. If this sounds like hell, run in the other direction ... now. But if you’re the type to run head-first into the fire, you could just be one of the people we're looking for. 


We’re creating The Speed Project’s first truly international women’s team. Six runners, representing six countries will come together just two days before the race. Not only will you need to push yourself to keep going, but you'll need to push each other. You'll need to stay on track (there’s no set course), stay hydrated (it’s the Mojave Desert, after all) and stay strong as a team. Oh, and you’ll do it all while trying to crush the current women’s team record of 35 hours, 7 minutes. Easy, right?


If you think you’ve got what it takes to join this adventure, submit your application below no later than Sunday, February 6, 2022.



Eligibility Requirements


- Completed at least one marathon or ultramarathon

- Currently fit enough to run 60+ miles over a period of 36 hours

- Have the ability to run one of the following times in a chosen discipline:

          - 5K: 17:30 minutes

          - 10K: 36 minutes

          - Half marathon: sub 1:25

          - Marathon: sub 3:00

- Available to be in the United States from Wednesday, March 23rd to Monday, March 27th 2022

- Be 21 years of age or older as of Friday, March 25, 2022

- Hold a valid passport

- Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19  (including booster)

- Be able to converse in English 

- Travel expenses to and from USA will be covered up to $1,500.00. Support, food, lodging, and transportation are provided during the race. Any additional expenses will be the athletes' responsibility.