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Training tips for one of the world’s most physical jobs

As one of the most challenging jobs in the world, lifesaving needs you to be at your physically best to be able to act in an instant. We talked with some of the world’s most famous lifesavers to see how they stay at the top of their fitness game.

Few lifeguards are famous as those that work on the world renown Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. With their lives captured on the popular television show “Bondi Rescue”, viewers have been amazed at the athleticism needed for the job. From running down the shore to swimming out to those needing help, carrying people in critical conditions and all needing to be done with time literally on the line.


Behind the scenes, constant, versatile training is what keeps them physically ready for what their day may throw at them. We sat with the Bondi team (all of which are incredible athletes both in and out of the water) to ask what tips they have for staying in top shape.

Beardy - Lifeguard of 16 years.
Training tip: have a goal outside of the job. I sign up for Sydney running festival events to keep motivated and provide training motivation. 


KC - Never-slowing-down Ironman. 
Training tip: find something that you enjoy the process as much as the outcome.


Dean - Team leading lifeguard.
Training tip:
 find an activity that fits into your lifestyle something that allows you to set short and long term goals. 


Whippet  - Surfer to lifesaver.
Training tip:
 have fun that involves friends and always keep it challenging.

Singlets - Paddle boarding pro.
Training tip: 
don’t get stuck in the gym. Make use of the outdoors and explore while you’re out on your run sessions. 


Bisho - Natural born athlete.
Training tip: 
find a training routine that suits your character. If you’re a social butterfly don’t go out and try long solo training sessions where you only have yourself to talk to. 


Chappo - Born to be a lifeguard.

Training tip: 
if you’re like me and don’t function in the morning, it’s ok. Relax, find a time that suits you a go for it in your own time. Find something physical that you enjoy and try to incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle. 

Troy - Soft sand sprinting champion.

Training tip: believe in your own ability and train every day like you are the ultimate athlete


Chris - Jack-of-all sporting trades.
Training tip: 
enjoy what you do and keep it interesting by incorporating different types of exercises.


Ryan - Lifesaving triathlon lover.
Training tip: 
treat yourself. A little reward for a good training week helps keep the motivation up.

The shoes of the lifeguards:

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