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David Kilgore raises money for the NYC Food Bank with a 73-mile run

On Sunday, December 13, David Kilgore ran a total of 73 miles through all boroughs of New York City to raise awareness to the issue of hunger during the upcoming holiday season.


This year has thrown all of us uncountable curve balls. The city of New York has especially been hit hard over and over again. The pandemic has caused many businesses to shut their doors, however small or big. With the holiday season upon us, On athlete and ultrarunner David Kilgore came up with his very own special way to offer help and support to his community while doing what he does best: running.



On Sunday, December 13, Kilgore was making miles for the Food Bank NYC 5-Borough-Challenge. The goal of this fundraising competition was to raise awareness for struggling local shops and gain donations for the people of New York City.


Kilgore already used his platform and feet at the beginning of COVID-19 when he did a 100-mile run to raise money for struggling retailers and support medical staff. Since then, he hasn’t stopped running for the good cause.



This time, Kilgore picked a 70-mile route that covered all boroughs of NYC, asking people and run crews to join him along the way to increase the impact. His goal was no other than to collect $70k for the Food Bank NYC and to support local businesses with small purchases on their way.



We have so far help raise over 300,000 meals to aid the NYC community. This run was more than a fundraiser, but also a celebration of what NYC is. The resilience of the city, its people, and what we can do as a collective.



You can still support Kilgore’s goal with a donation until December 26 (every dollar is being matched by Bank of America).


Make sure to check out his Go Fund Me page:


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