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Unlocking the trail with Chloe Abbott and David Kilgore

Chloe Abbott is a serious track star. She’s also a trails novice. So who better to test the new Cloudvista? Our latest trail running shoe is designed to get people to take the road less traveled – and then leave it behind completely. Find out how Chloe got on when she joined up with US Trail Running team member David Kilgore and the Runner’s World crew for a day out in the wilderness.


University of Kentucky speedster Chloe Abbott is a 400m specialist and a four-time First Team All-American. She’s a B1G Champion and a NCAA runner-up. She’s also never had the chance to try trail running. 


So the opportunity to give it a go with David Kilgore and Runner’s World wasn’t one she was about to pass up. “I was pretty nervous – I had practice the next day so I knew that I had to be careful, but I was excited to give it a try!” 


A true connoisseur of the off-road, David Kilgore was the perfect choice to show Chloe the ins and outs of trail life. He’s competed for Team USA at the Trail and Ultra Running World Championships, has a mind-boggling 50K PR of 3:01 and has run the Rio de Janeiro Marathon twice – back to back.


“I love being outdoors. It’s very simplistic and really peaceful. Being out on the trail is a bit like adult recess – I get to enjoy everything the world has to offer.” - David Kilgore



The varied terrain of David’s chosen playground is nothing like the track Chloe normally calls home, but this turned out to be a positive for Chloe. “It was so cool seeing the different flowers compared to smelling IcyHot! And hearing the dirt under my feet was so peaceful. It was something I’ve never experienced before.”


“It was such a nice contrast from running in circles on a track.” - Chloe Abbott


And while it might have been a little out of her comfort zone initially, it wasn’t long before Chloe’s natural love of running (and competition) came sprinting through: “I didn’t like running downhill – I won’t be doing that again – but I did beat David uphill a couple of times!”


In fact, her enjoyment of her new surroundings was clear for all to see. “Chloe’s excitement and energy really got me so amped up,” David told us. “It was great to have her out there. She was super strong, super powerful and really brought a different element to things. I think we might have a trail runner in the making.”



The key to outdoor adventures

To make sure Chloe’s first time out on the trail was all about fun (and safety), she needed a shoe that was going to give her all the help and support she could possibly ask for. Which is what the new Cloudvista is all about.


Built with the first-time trail runner in mind, it’s lightweight, agile and cushioned. With CloudTec®, Helion™ superfoam and Missiongrip™, it's ready for pretty much everything – from hard-packed tracks to twisty forest forays, lakeside loops to park pathways. 


It was the first trail shoe she’d ever laced up, and Chloe instantly felt at home in them. “I tried the shoe on and it felt great. This was my first time even walking on a trail, but I felt very safe. I felt like I could trust the shoe going up the hills and mountains – whatever we did.”


“I felt like I could trust the shoe. And I loved the fabric of the upper – I really enjoyed them from a fashion point of view too.” - Chloe Abbott


As someone with more than a few years of trail experience tucked into his dust covered shorts, how did the Cloudvista stack up for David? “It was a ton of fun. I’ve worn many different trail shoes throughout my career and the Cloudvista is one of the most versatile. It’s the perfect shoe for high-volume trail training and the perfect introductory shoe to trails at the same time. Chloe and I discussed how well the shoe fit both of us, the comfort of it underfoot, and how easy it transitioned over different surfaces.“ 


“It’s a very welcoming shoe, but it can go the distance if desired.” - David Kilgore


Unlock the trail with the new Cloudvista
Its unique design and materials make the Cloudvista versatile, agile and comfortable. One of the lightest trail shoes in our collection, it's all about enjoying the thrill of being in nature.
See it here


Thinking of taking to the trails?

Chloe and David might be professional athletes, used to pushing themselves to their limits, but running off-road doesn’t have to be about scaling the tallest peaks, or covering the longest distances. It’s about discovering new landscapes, freedom, and enjoyment. Something Chloe now knows all too well.


“I actually initially said no to doing this. But now, I'd definitely do it again! David made it all really fun. So if I can do it, anyone can do it!” - Chloe Abbott


She also has some advice for any of you thinking about heading out to enjoy everything nature has to offer: “If you’re thinking of giving it a try, I’d say go with someone who knows what they’re doing. Pack some food so you can sit and enjoy the place you’ve worked hard to get to. Oh, and maybe wear long socks to protect against any bushes or plants!”


For David, the ability to get out and enjoy the world around him is central to the whole experience: “I think there are trails and places to run everywhere you’re at. We were right outside LA, a huge metropolitan area, but even there, there’s somewhere to run on trails.” 


Above all else, though, it’s about having fun. “Bring a friend — they’ll make it much more fun. If you do go by yourself, don’t forget to tell someone where you’re going. But most importantly, get out there and put a smile on your face.”


So, what’s stopping you?


You can find out exactly what Chloe and David got up to on their awe-inspiring day out over on Runner’s World now.


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