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On Style Stories: The Cloudnova II

The Cloudnova is one of our most expressive shoes so, naturally, we’re curious to see how the On community and some of our favorite Instagram creators are wearing them. From casual tailoring to coordinating jackets and accessories to match the shoe, keep scrolling to discover the freshest ways creatives like Søren Jepsen and Sara Müller are styling the latest versions of our Cloudnova.


The understated, tonal colorways in this drop of the Cloudnova opens up the playing field for anything from minimal to show-stopping outfits. And when we tapped our community to share their tips on how to style the sneakers, we were blown away by the versatility of the results. Whether you’re a fan of bold looks and embracing new trends, or find yourself reaching for timeless cuts and classic wardrobe essentials – the Cloudnova checks all the boxes.


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Ermi, Zurich


Ermi is a self-taught photographer, born and raised in Switzerland and based between Zurich and Dubai. He started his creative journey in 2017, when he bought his first camera and spent hours on YouTube learning everything he could about the craft. He also credits Creations of LA, who’s been his mentor since the early days, for helping him develop his creative identity.


“I define my personal style as simple, comfy and urban. For me, the Cloudnova combines the design of streetwear sneakers with the comfort of training sneakers, which means it very much links in with my personal style.


"When it comes to dressing, the rest of my outfit is usually comfy and baggy. What's great about this shoe is that it gives you a lot of space to play around with different silhouettes and cuts.


"Overall, I really like the sole, the colorway and the silhouette of this shoe. The Cloudnova sneaker really is very light – it gives you the feeling of walking on clouds.”



Moctar, Tokyo


Japanese-Senegalese Moctar Diouf is a model and multi-hyphenate creative who lives in Tokyo. Alongside modeling for brands like Louis Vuitton and Uniqlo, he produces music and works on graphic design for emerging streetwear brand, Soviets2017


“I think my style can be defined as “storytelling” through clothing. Most of the clothes I own, I know the creators and the beliefs behind them. For me, wearing clothes means I literally put on those stories, and incorporate them into the story I’m going to make that day.


"Also, with my cultural background being both Japanese and Senegalese, I love to express pieces of my heritage through my daily styling. I do this by wearing garments like a Kimono, or African-inspired clothes. Above all, I just love wearing anything I feel like wearing or clothes that make me feel however I want to feel that day.


"The Cloudnova has a nice chemistry with my casual, street-like sense of personal style. What I love most about all of On’s shoes is their high-quality design and focus on function. The sophisticated finish gives them a distinctive presence in your daily outfits.”



Essi, Berlin


Essaw aka Essi is an Eritrean fashion, art and lifestyle enthusiast. Though he’s now based in Berlin, Essi is the definition of a global citizen, having lived in London, Riyadh, Norway, Rotterdam, Nuremberg and Paris. Aside from having an enviable personal style, Essi’s a keen runner, noting that running helps him “realign with thoughts, goals, troubles,” and he advocates for mental as well as physical health. “A better me, is a better self for a better world,” Essi tells us. And we couldn’t agree more.


It’s quite difficult to categorize my personal style. I would say that it’s rather unique to my consciousness. I cherish functionality and comfort first and foremost, yet adore elegance. Think chic, clean, fitted cuts with a dose of edgy, punk attitude.


"Elegance, simplicity, comfort and functionality are all qualities that are well accompanied by the Cloudnova. Because of the sneakers’ comforting presence, I tend to lean towards black, smooth, homogeneous textures with wider cut silhouettes when it comes to the rest of my outfit. But, I can also totally see myself in a Sunday sweat suit or regular denim wear with the Cloudnova too.”



Sara, Basel


Sara Müller is content creator and social media manager based in Basel, Switzerland. She’s passionate about all things communication and marketing in the creative space, and brings this to life in her day job at fashion label TALLY WEiJL.


My style depends a lot on my mood. Some days I love wearing dark colors, other days you might see me in a neon green jacket. Sometimes I'm more in the mood for a silk dress and the next day it might be an oversized hoodie. That's the beauty of style to me – being able to express yourself and your mood, all without having to say one single word.


"The Cloudnova sneaker is very easy to combine and goes with pretty much every outfit, which is something that’s very important to me. When putting together a look, I usually like to incorporate the colors that are reflected in my sneakers. Also, I'm all about comfort, so I usually go for oversized silhouettes and soft textures. I like that the Cloudnova is a very versatile shoe – and that it’s super comfortable. It pretty much has you feeling like you’re walking on clouds.”



Søren, Cologne

Søren Jepsen is a photographer who’s been shooting in the streets of the world’s fashion capitals – from Copenhagen to New York – since 2007.


His work is documented on the Instagram account, The Locals, and has appeared in international Vogue editions, from British Vogue and Vogue Paris to Vogue Japan, and in publications like Elle, Grazia and GQ.


I’d describe my style as casual. I love to mix dressed-up details with relaxed pieces. I’m influenced by skate culture and classic urban styles from Japan and the US. The Cloudnova suits my style very well, since I love sneakers and wear them a lot. I really like that the shoe has the silhouette of a classic sneaker, with some futuristic details added in.


"I like to wear loose-fit pants and muted colors with my Cloudnovas. Because the sneakers are so lightweight, I love to combine them with lighter textures when it comes to my clothes – they go so well with many different kinds of outfits.


"They’re so comfortable that I can wear them during a long day of shooting pictures on the streets, which is great.”



Farnaz, San Francisco


Farnaz Dadashi is a commercial, editorial and personal fashion stylist who works between San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. 


“Although my vibe is constantly evolving, I would best describe my style as urban chic; a mixture of classics with a sporty edge. For me, it's all about blending the opposites whether that's masculine with feminine silhouettes, new with vintage, or mixing clashing colors. Personal style for me means feeling confident and staying true to my authentic self.


"During the week when I'm on the move, comfort and ease are a must! That's when I typically reach for my Cloudnova sneakers. They're sleek, fuss-free and blend effortlessly into my grab-and-go look.


"The sporty silhouette of my Cloudnovas makes them a perfect match for a variety of pieces from my wardrobe. Depending on my mood and what I'm getting into that specific day, I'll style them with either my power suits, a little black dress, leather trousers, or my favorite oversized blazer. I’m a big fan of mixing my sports gear with dressy classics.” 


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