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Tech Profile: The All-New Cloudflyer

Supreme cushioning and comfort in a lightweight and agile shoe. The Cloudflyer supports any runner and any running goal. Swiss-engineered for the graft behind the scenes but always ready to step into the spotlight, it makes light of long runs. Here’s what it’s made of…


The next-gen Cloudflyer is all about support, speed and comfort. It’s built for distance and volume, recovery and improvement, practice and performance – and all in supreme comfort.


Discover shockingly soft landings and explosive take-offs in one of the world’s lightest, fully-cushioned support shoes. It’s made for any runner and any running goal. 


So whether you’re chasing a personal best, looking to increase your weekly distance or just want to enjoy the sensation of running without pain or problem, the Cloudflyer can help.  


Read on to discover how we upgraded one of the most-loved On models ever. 


The All-New Cloudflyer
Support for any runner and any running goal. The lightweight shoe with supreme support and cushioning. Built for the work nobody sees, but always ready to step into the spotlight.


Bigger Clouds, Better Cushioning


The Cloudflyer has always been about speedy comfort and support. That’s why we use some of the biggest and widest clouds that we make in the outsole. 


The next-gen model is the exact same, and features 12 of the largest and strongest Cloud elements of any On shoe. 


More foam, bigger cavities, better impact protection. They’ll change the way you see landings. Protecting and supporting your feet with an unparalleled cushioning sensation - no matter which part of your foot you land on when running. 


The two rearmost cloud elements are huge. Built to support heavy heel-strikers, they dampen even the hardest of impacts to keep you feeling secure and supported from below no matter how fast or far you go. 



If you’re more of a forefoot striker, the wider surface area to the front of the shoe effectively disperses the weight and pressure of landings to keep you moving in comfort.  


The next-gen Cloudflyer is the first On shoe to feature a forked Cloud outsole. Reinforcing the shoe’s medial side supports a healthy rolling motion and a stronger push off feeling. 


This way, the Cloudflyer gently supports your leg muscles and promotes a more natural movement, encouraging you to run with better form. 



Helion™ Boost

Adding Helion™ Superfoam to the midfoot enhances all the elements of the previous Cloudflyer that made it so popular with fans: cushioning, protection, support, lightness. 


Unlike other foams, Helion™ is Swiss-engineered to do it all. We call it cushioning without compromises. Lightweight yet durable. Big on rebound and it works equally well in hot and cold temperatures. In short, it’s everything you need to run on the road. 



Our trademark Speedboard® powers every On shoe. Engineered to transition energy from landing into forward motion, it ensures a smooth ride and added efficiency every stride. 


As always, the Speedboard® flexes with your every step, converting the energy you create upon impact into forward motion to propel you forward. 


The Upper

The Cloudflyer’s engineered mesh upper has been refined and improved to be more breathable and durable than the previous model. The new design looks and feels different, using a function-focused weave pattern with noticeably bigger spaces for optimal air flow.  



New Heel Hold

Fans of the old model may notice a slightly different step in feel with the new Cloudflyer, as runners will sit a little lower in the shoe thanks to the new 3D molded heel counter unit. 


It’s designed to provide better support and hold its shape for longer without restricting the natural running movement or adding any pressure. 


Star-Lacing System

Back by popular demand: the star-lacing system of the first-gen Cloudflyer. Designed for a secure and customizable fit and feel, it effectively disperses pressure and provides a supportive, wrapped feeling. 


Combined with with the thickest, plushest tongue we make, it’s the ideal combination of sustained comfort and added control. Why the thick tongue? Comfort, plain and simple. In the words of our development team, it’s “designed to feel like a sofa”. 


The Cloudflyer Waterproof
A 100% wind and waterproof membrane lets you focus on the run, not the conditions. A 3D-molded heel gives added stability.
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More and more, the myth that support shoes are only for running rookies or the less than elite is being eroded and shoes like the Cloudflyer are at the heart of this. It performs on any kind of run, with any kind of runner. 


Dependable, reliable, comfortable. We call it our workhorse.


Yes, it will give you extra support and a little more cushioning than some of our other models but if you think this means it’s not designed for speed, then think again.

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