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Tech Profile: The Cloudboom

Meet the shoe Swiss-engineered for your fastest marathon ever. Carbon-fiber-infused speed meets responsive CloudTec® cushioning. Boom.


Hear that? That’s the sound of your PR falling and records breaking. Of Swiss

engineering colliding with elite-athlete input to create the ultimate marathon shoe. 


Developed specifically to fire you to your fastest-ever marathon, the Cloudboom features all-new innovations and our most explosive Speedboard® yet. This is the story behind its high-speed tech. 


Striking the Balance


“Creating the ideal racing shoe for half marathon and marathon is a complex balancing act,” explains Kevin Dellion, Sport Science Lead in the On Innovation Team. 


“Like with all our performance products, the starting point was input from elite On athletes. When you compete at a high level over long distances you want a fast, direct sensation. You don’t want to dampen the experience – you want to dial it up, get those input points that inform your performance."


“At the same time, you need cushioning to stay comfortable when you’re pushing yourself our of your comfort zone – especially towards the end of a long race like a marathon. Our goal was to strike that balance exactly. Direct yet cushioned. Comfortable but always powerful, from first mile to finish line. That’s what led us to develop the technology you see on the Cloudboom.”



Carbon-Fiber Infused


As the name suggests, the Cloudboom is made for explosive speed. So we evolved our signature fast-firing Speedboard® for even more ‘boom’. Already explosive by design, the Speedboard® flexes every step, converting the energy you create on impact into forward motion. And in a marathon, you want to retain all the energy you can for that final kick. 


That’s where the addition of carbon fiber comes in. Infused into the Cloudboom Speedboard®, it adds just the right amount of additional rigidity for a more powerful push-off while keeping the agile feel the Speedboard® is famous for. 


Like with all On shoes, the Speedboard® is shaped specifically for the function of the shoe. In the Cloudboom, the Speedboard® is curved to create an extreme rocker profile. This optimizes rolling motion for even more propulsive power. Rocker? More like rocket. 


Twin-Turbo CloudTec® 


The Cloudboom is the first shoe ever to feature an additional layer or our award-winning CloudTec® technology above the Speedboard®. This effectively creates a completely new midsole configuration, created specifically for a responsive yet comfortable racing sensation. 


Several rounds of pro athlete feedback and numerous iterations later, Kevin and the team had the balance between soft landings and direct sensation dialed. The solution sees a layer of CloudTec® placed above the Speedboard® for the first time in an On shoe. 


This initial layer not only delivers additional long-distance comfort, it also supports creates an instant fit. Together with the performance sockliner, the shoe adapts to your foot quickly after step in so you immediately feel ready to race. 




Fast whatever the forecast



Beneath the Speedboard®, the lower layer of CloudTec® creates our signature running on clouds sensation. Made of Helion™ superfoam, the result is cushioning without compromise, from start line to sprint finish. Unlike other foams, Helion™ can do it all. It combines a soft sensation with premium road protection and efficient energy return.



Helion™ is also temperature resistant, which means it performs consistently independent of temperature. Most marathons taking place in spring and fall when temperatures can vary massively, even during a race. Knowing you’ll get consistent performance from your cushioning is the kind of peace of mind you want when you’re focused on beating a personal best. 



Spring and fall can also mean wet conditions, so grip on smooth roads is key. The outsole of the Cloudboom features a new traction pattern in grip-rubber that’s engineered with the rolling motion of the foot in mind. This updated overlay gives you a firm hold right through each stride even at high speed. As a result, you can crush wet city courses with confidence. 





No Upper Speed Limit


For raceday an ultralight breathable upper is a must, and it hopefully goes without saying that you get that with the Cloudboom. Using just a single layer of engineered mesh keeps weight to a minimum while maximizing breathability. 


The upper of the Cloudboom is also structured specifically for the demands of marathon racing on the road. 


“A lot of road marathons, particularly the major races, take place on city streets. As a result, the corners are usually very tight and require you to turn quickly at pace,” Kevin explains. 


“When we looked at this detail we saw our athletes are pushing a lot of force through certain sections of the upper on these turns. By using engineered mesh we are able to add reinforcement at exactly these points – and only these points– for added comfort and protection while keeping down weight and increasing airflow.”



The Sound of Unstoppable


Swiss-engineered to bring explosive pace to marathon distance, every detail of the Cloudboom has been created to power elite athletes onto podiums and you to a new personal best. Also ideal for long interval sessions and tempo training, as well as racing at half marathon distance, it’s your new weapon in the hunt for discovering a whole new world of speed. Boom. 



Looking for more inspiration for your fastest marathon? Check out The Sound of Unstoppable – our 8D audio marathon experience. 


The Cloudboom
The lightweight, carbon-fiber-infused shoe for fast marathons.
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