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The Cloudsurfer - shoes on, game on.
Fast feels good

Fast feels good

The creation of the Cloudsurfer was focused on encouraging its wearer to adopt a more efficient running style and greater body stability. The sole with the unique Cloudtec technology balances every pace and truly trains the running muscles. The Cloudsurfer intelligently combines what conventional running shoes have failed to unite: a cushioned landing and a barefoot takeoff.

  • Fast feels good

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Jane fardell 1920x1010

“I love the spring sensation you get from the Cloudsurfer. At the end of the race when my legs are tired they still help me to perform - and to recover faster afterwards.”

Jane Fardell

Australian power lady and marathon runner

Forbes 1920x1010

“Running shoes have changed a lot in recent years, but this is much different.”


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