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On’s first-ever Impact Progress Report is your window into the work we’re doing to decouple On’s growth from the resources that we use.


This is a massive moment for On. It symbolizes our ongoing commitment to doing better for the environment and the planet. On was founded on creative solutions – the first was a new cushioning system that revolutionized the sensation of running. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate, challenging how the sporting goods industry works.


Now, as a truly global company, the challenges facing the planet take on new significance. We dare to dream: if a start-up company from the Swiss Alps can re-invent the running shoe, what can we achieve together with our communities for our planet? We have focused our innovation efforts on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and the safety and wellbeing of all our collaborators around the world. We’re still the new kid on the trail, but we would rather lead the industry than follow. We want to deal with the challenges of our impact in real time. 


In 2020 we sharpened our focus with clear goals. We received approval from the Science Based Targets organization for our 2030 CO2 reduction targets. This is a big step forward as we work towards decarbonization and decoupling On‘s growth from the resources we use. 


Another highlight was the launch of Cyclon – the first-ever program to offer a fully-recyclable high-performance running shoe available only by subscription. 


“Cyclon is more than a product, it is a model for change.” – Caspar Coppetti, Co-Founder



The first shoe available from the Cyclon program uses over 50% bio-based materials. The uppers are made from one cut of material so that it can be recycled and re-used in a future pair of Ons. Not only that, but it’s one of On‘s lightest and fastest shoes, proving that performance and sustainability are complementary. We’re already working on finding new ways to create truly circular products and take full responsibility for our creations.


“Building a diverse and high performing team and culture has been a critical component of On from the start. The On team across the globe is not interested in just having a job – we are showing up at work every day to have a positive impact.” – Marc Maurer, Co-CEO


Working to make a positive impact is not a one-and-done thing. It’s a journey. One that requires teamwork, commitment and accountability. There are no easy, fast solutions. It will demand traveling unexplored paths and blazing new trails and thinking outside the box. It will also take a spirit of collaboration. That’s why we’re partnering with people and businesses who share our values, our goals and our aspirational spirit.



Our first Impact Progress Report shows our work towards sustainability over the last two years. It is for you, our stakeholders, partners, workers, and customers – everyone. 

“In many ways, we have just begun formalizing our path to sustainability, and we know we still have a long road ahead. The progress we have made to date is thanks to the curiosity, determination and courage of our teams to dream. But how much further can we go together? Let’s dream on.” – Caspar, David, Marc, Martin & Olivier, The On Partners


Download the full 2020 On Impact Progress Report here.


Learn more about the Cyclon program.


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