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Back to the Source: the On Mountain Hut

On was born in the Swiss Alps. And, in summer 2019, we went back. Back to some of the most beautiful, challenging and rewarding natural landscapes on this planet. Back to the source.


For us, the mountains are a source of energy, ideas and innovation. They have the power to invigorate and provide fresh perspective. In fact, the first ever On business plan was put together by our three co-founders while hiking in Engadin. You might say that if it wasn’t for these mountains, On wouldn’t exist. Literally, they are our source.   


Since then, they have continued to play a pivotal role in our development; shaping our technology, our products and our ethos. And why not? Overcoming mountains demands serious research, planning, perseverance and commitment. You have to do things right; there are no shortcuts. We are proud to champion the same approach with our innovations. 



We take great pride in bringing our ‘back yard’ to the world. That’s why we built the On Mountain Hut. It is a symbol of our love for the Alps and our commitment to innovative design, it is our tribute to the remarkable terrain and our origins.  



The cabin, seen above while being set up, is completely self-sufficient and leaves no waste behind. A home for two, it is constructed from sustainable materials in keeping with the alpine setting. It is powered by energy from solar panels. We wanted it to have everything you need to get back to your source – back to nature – and nothing you don’t. Reduced to the maximum, distraction free. 



Situated between the towering Piz Lunghin mountain and stunning Lunghin pass, the hut lies in an area of Engadin/Bergell – the only triple watershed in Europe. The water here flows into three major rivers: the Danube, the Rhine and the Po – which run into the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Mediterranean, respectively. Even the location itself is a source – a stunningly beautiful source too.    


On Co-Founders: Caspar Coppetti, David Allemann, Olivier Bernhard


By starting On, we endeavored to take on a different kind of mountain in the form of established industry giants. Nobody said it would be easy. But we believe that when you put your heart and soul into overcoming the odds, into scaling new heights, you’ll get there. Today, we’re the world’s fastest-growing running brand. 


Where will the inspiration you source there, take you?


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