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Gifts For Marathon Runners + A Free Training Plan

Do you know a regular marathon runner looking to smash personal records? Or is your partner aiming to make 2022 a year like no other by running their first-ever marathon? Whatever they need, this guide will help you find the marathon running gifts that could change their life for the better.


The Right Running Gifts Make All the Difference


Marathons are tough. In fact, they’re barely possible without the right support. And that means more than just having the right gear – it means having people around you who understand and support your goal. That’s why choosing a high-performance gift for the marathon runner in your life could inspire them to make 2022 a truly remarkable year.


To help make that happen, there are two parts to this guide:  


Part 1 (just below). A 100% free, 100% proven training plan that will help even a first-time marathon runner hit their goals, and make their year. As well as a week-by-week schedule, there are tips that that will encourage and support them. It’s easy to print out, so you can include it along with your other marathon-running gift, which can be chosen from…


Part 2 (a bit further below). Best-in-class running shoes built for marathon personal bests; shoes made for explosive but cushioned road-running training; apparel that helps runners conquer any condition the weather might throw at them – we’ve got it all in this useful guide to cool gifts for marathon runners. 



From First-Timers to PR-Breaking Regulars  


The marathon is unique in the sporting world. Few other activities require such intense dedication, training and all-round preparation simply to complete (let alone excel at). But that means that the rewards, the sheer ecstasy of completing a marathon, are barely imaginable.


Some people believe that, given the current situation, more runners will attempt to run marathons in 2022 than ever before. We couldn’t be more excited, or more humbled, that our gear might play a part in this incredible phenomenon. We engineer the ideal running shoes and gear, but only you know what your partner, friend or relative needs to hit their marathon goals.


That might be training for their first-ever marathon: a daunting task, but one that has been achieved by millions around the world. Or, you might know someone who’s looking to shave vital minutes off their personal record. Whatever they need, you’ll find something in this guide for marathon running gifts.


Part 1: The On Training Plan – Gift a New Personal Record


We know that the best gifts for marathon runners can get expensive. That’s why we’re offering this training plan template for the grand total of… zero dollars. And it might just turn out to be the most valuable gift you give this year.  


The plan is tested, proven and made to make dreams come true. It’s also easy to adapt. And, it’s a PDF, making it easy print it out and place in the gift box along with another carefully chosen running gift.


Download 16-week marathon plan > 



Part 2: The Best Gifts for Marathon Runners


We know that road running can be incredibly tough on the feet and the body in general. That’s why our shoes are engineered to go further and do more. We know that it’s not just the feet that matter, that cold, rain, wind and other conditions can have a huge impact. That’s why we also create apparel and accessories that outperform and overdeliver. 


All you have to do is choose the perfect gift for the marathon runner you want to inspire. 


The Cloudflow
The all-new generation of this record-breaking shoe loved by athletes all around the world. Cutting-edge Helion™ superfoam creates super soft landings but also explosive take-offs. The lightweight, highly stable structure is ideal for both training and racing – even for those intending to break new records in marathons and other long races. And to keep the foot cool, zoned ventilation allows air to flow through.   
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The Cloudflyer
Marathon’s don’t happen without support. We need it from our family and friends. And we need it on our feet. The lightweight Cloudflyer offers supreme cushioning and outstanding performance. With the plushest tongue of any On shoe, Helion™ superfoam and a bespoke Speedboard® they blend lightweight agility with heavy impact protection. 
See the Cloudflyer
The Cloudstratus
Double layers of CloudTec® deliver the ultimate cushioning experience for marathon runners who don’t know anything but: onwards. The Cloudstratus delivers maximum cushioning but always stays responsive: so every training session, and every race, is both super-supported and speed-boosted. And with optimized breathability, these shoes are made for never slowing down.
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The Cloudace
The ultimate support shoe. For the ultimate marathon experience. The Cloudace was engineered to offer maximum cushioning, support, and speed for even the most demanding runner. Our advanced CloudTec® plus Zero-Gravity foam offers ultrasoft landings, jaw-dropping comfort and record-smashing speed.   
Explore the Cloudace support shoe
The Lightweight Cap
Featherlight but tough. Hard-working but cooling. High-performing but also great to look at. This cap is made to go further and do more. Precise laser cut details offer head-cooling ventilation. The ultra-soft sweatband and clip-pull sizing create next-level comfort. From midday sunshine to unexpected showers, this cap is made to take you further.  
See the Lightweight Cap
The Tights Long
Tights that do more than keep you warm can be essential gear for marathon runners. The embossed insulating panel above the knee provides tendons with extra warmth when the temperature drops. The extra soft, super stretchy material offers comfort over even the longest distances. And reflective patterning offers extra safety when training at night.   
See the Tights Long


If you made it all the way down to here, congrats, you’re now an expert in choosing the best gifts for marathon runners. Still feel like you want to explore more options? We appreciate your commitment. You could…


• Use our intuitive Shoe Finder and its filters to match the perfect shoe style to the precise needs of the runner you’re choosing a gift for.

• Discover a whole range of cold-weather running apparel.

• Explore our entire range for men, or for women

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