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Running Remixed Returns: The Tech Powering the All-New Cloud X

Discover the Swiss-engineering behind the all-new Cloud X. Ultralight and ultra-reactive, it’s made to crush runs, explosive movements and mixed sport workouts. Everything you need to level up your run.


The all-new Cloud X is built to meet the demands of high-functioning, multi-functional athletes. It takes explosive movements in its stride so you don’t have to break yours. 


Technological innovations and a Helion™ superfoam injection means the second-generation model improves on all the strengths of its predecessor, and is even more durable. 


It’s designed to provide a running sensation just like the original but offer more support throughout the whole shoe, thanks to reinforcements in the toe box, mid-foot and heel areas. 


Stability, agility and versatility. This lightweight and reactive all-rounder is at home on the road, the track, in the gym and the office – and anywhere else really.



The Sole 


The most obvious difference between the original Cloud X and the second-generation model?


The thicker, larger bottom unit. The newer model is approximately 1cm (0.4 inches) wider throughout the entire bottom unit in both men’s and women’s shoes (measurements taken using size US10 | EU44 | UK9.5 and a women’s size US7.5 | EU38.5 | U5.5). 


Why? Well, if you want to level up your strength and speed, you need a solid foundation. And with the all-new Cloud X, that’s exactly what you get.


More outsole means more stability underfoot – ideal for high-speed shuttle runs, explosive plyometrics and dynamic lateral movements. 



A HIIT of Helion™


Adding even more performance to the larger, repositioned CloudTec® elements in the outsole, is Helion™ superfoam.


Cushioning without compromise, it’s lightweight and durable, big on energy return and designed to function in hot and cold conditions. 


Expect more rebound, responsiveness and durability. Impacts feel softer and lift-offs more powerful, so you can go harder, for longer. 


Want to know more about Helion™?
Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what our superfoam is, how it works and how it benefits your run.
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Finishing off the upgrades made to the sole, is the new rubber compound used in the grip patterns underfoot. Designed to increase traction on all surfaces even in wet (or should that be sweat?) conditions. It’s a small change designed to make a big impact. 


The Upper 


Using materials that are high on quality and low on weight, we’ve designed a new-and-improved engineered mesh upper. Featuring a new function-focused weave pattern, it’s optimized for increased durability, air flow and comfort.


Along with the new sock layer lining, it provides an inch perfect fit that gently wraps the foot.


To the front of the shoe, we’ve implemented newly shaped and positioned no-sew reinforcements in the vamp on both sides of the shoe. They’re designed to cradle the ball of your foot (or the widest part) during fast sideways movements. 



Increased protection 


Another key difference is the larger sidewalls that extend up from the outsole on both the medial and lateral sides. Together with the wider base, they lock feet in place and allow for far more stability, particularly when moving side to side. 


Across the top of the foot, the tongue and vamp are integrated into one piece for breathability and an irritation-free fit even when running at speed or zig-zagging across the gym floor.


The new lace loop reduces any unwanted lace movement to the absolute minimum. And, as we always focus on the details that matter, so we’ve replaced the laces for a more secure fit.



On The Inside  


Seamless comfort


At once soft and strong, the inner sock layer lining of the Cloud X ensures an inch-perfect fit for any activity that gets you fit.


Fast drying and optimized for comfort, it combines with the freshly designed heel cap featuring molded cushion pads, for a discreet look with a supreme hold.





More energy means more speed. More distance. More fun. That’s why our Speedboard® harnesses energy produced by your movement to propel you forward.


By flexing then bouncing back to position with your foot’s natural rolling motion, it reduces the kinetic energy lost between strides. In other words, effortless energy return.



As always, the trademark Speedboard™ that powers every On shoe is key to the new Cloud X.


Engineered to transition energy from landings into forward motion, it delivers the soft landings and explosive take-offs you’ve come to expect from an On shoe. 


Run faster, jump higher, go harder than ever with the all-new Cloud X.


The Cloud X
The all-new Cloud X is built to crush fast runs and mixed sport movements. Lightweight and ultra-reactive, it's perfect for taking your training up a level. Then another. Then another.
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