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Soundtrack your run

Take the test to discover your runner profile, get the music to match. We've teamed up with Apple Music to digitally assess your running style and deliver the personalized playlist for your run.

What's your runner music style?

Listening to music is proven to enhance running performance, but you have to train with the right tunes. It's not down only to taste, but the rhythm of your run. That's why we've gone beyond counting beats to tailor a playlist based on your personal running style.

With five questions, we'll determine your running profile. Based on the result, we'll deliver your Apple Music playlist with the tunes to match. For example, a Power Racer profile demands a different cadence, beat and feel to that of an Effortless Endurer. With the right playlist you’ll find a flow that takes advantage of your natural style while gently pushing you forwards.

Take the test now to find your profile. After that, all you have to do is hit ‘play’ and perform.

The Cloudswift
Run to the beat of the city with the Cloudswift. Engineered with Helion™ superfoam for uncompromising performance in urban environments.

Which runner profile are you? 

At On, we believe in embracing your natural runner style. We prefer cushioning to correction. But working on your technique is still a surefire way to improve your run. Check out our performance-boosting technique tips enhance every step.

Power Racer
This rapid-fire playlist is the soundtrack with high tempo running songs for those runs where you feel like you might break the sound barrier. Banging tunes for big performances. Hit play, run hard.
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Eco Sprinter
From pure pop to kickin’ indie and beyond, this upbeat playlist is made to help you hold an efficient flow over long distances. Motivational running songs that encourage you to push the pace. Don’t resist – just run.
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Effortless Endurer
These playful melodies are engineered to be the soundtrack that keeps you out there as you push the limits – and the pace.
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High Flyer
Running music that fuses melodies which help you maintain big momentum alongside more relaxed sounds that keep your run in balance. Enjoy the flow.
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Easy Strider
This running playlist brings a relaxed flow to the run, also mixing in some higher tempo tunes that gently encourage you to push the pace. It’s the soundtrack to bring a smile to every mile.
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Constant Glider
A workout mix of genres all with a consistent beat to help you find an unstoppable rhythm. Plug in, go further.
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