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Tech Profile: Introducing the all-new Cloudventure Waterproof

Meet the fast, highly-technical trail running shoe made for any adventure in any weather. With our thinnest, most breathable membrane and strongest grip to date, this is the third-generation Cloudventure Waterproof.


When you're from the Swiss Alps, you learn fast that the weather can throw extra challenges into the running mix. But no matter the conditions, whatever the mission, off-road runners need shoes that guarantee comfort and protection from the first step to the last. 


That's why we took the all-new Cloudventure – the third generation of our original trail running shoe – and fused its impressive trail-taming strengths with a breathable but 100% wind- and waterproof upper. For when things get wet and wild. 


The new Cloudventure Waterproof offers the same excellent cushioning, comfort, and unshakable grip on technical trails as its non-waterproof sibling, just with an added layer of protection from the ever-changing elements. So now you can own the downhill whatever the weather throws in your path – whether that path rises up alpine climbs, flows through valley floors or cruises along roller coaster coastal miles.



And with up to 25% recycled content – and 65% recycled polyester – the all-new Cloudventure Waterproof doesn't just take all-weather trail performance to the next level, it also leaves a lighter environmental footprint on the planet too.


"Waterproof models are typically heavier and more rigid than their non-waterproof alternatives," says Oliver Whitworth, Footwear Developer on the Cloudventure. 


"So the challenge for this model was to ensure reliable waterproofing while keeping it lightweight, maintaining flexibility and ensuring the same high-comfort fit you find in the non-waterproof Cloudventure." 


Any trail, any weather


Designed to perform in tough weather conditions, the all-new Cloudventure Waterproof features our thinnest and most breathable membrane to date. Ultralight and water-tight, it's made from 20% post-industrial recycled polyurethane, which helps lock out water and wind without sacrificing softness, flexibility or comfort. We also added 360° lightweight TPU protection for extra security, even on the toughest terrain. 


And, in keeping with our mission to protect the planet, we made the entire upper from around 60% recycled polyester.



Unflinching grip


The Cloudventure Waterproof's Missiongrip™ outsole has a re-engineered traction pattern that provides our best grip on varied terrain yet. Using higher-grip forefoot studs generates superior traction for strong push-offs, even in softer terrain. 


Across the rest of the outsole, a combination of flat profile blocks and On's trademark 3D-shaped triangle texture, increases ground contact and delivers high traction on dry surfaces. Maintaining that trusted grip even when the trails get wet.


Finally, the closed midsole channel prevents stone catching and boosts durability.


Helion for the hills


One of the biggest changes with the new Cloudventures is that they both feature a Helion™ superfoam midsole for the first time. Originally designed to combat concrete, Helion™ provides cushioning without compromise; it's light and durable with excellent energy return and temperature resistance. You may not see the change, but you'll feel it. 


The same can be said about the upgraded, impact-absorbing heel too. While not instantly noticeable, we've improved the geometry and increased thickness of the Clouds to allow more space for compression – softening landings and maintaining comfort over much longer distances. 



Clever cushioning, sensational ride


The new slingshot Speedboard® used in the Cloudventure Waterproof has a completely redesigned forefoot shape, optimized for increased torsion and better ground feedback – even in the worst conditions. It's based on athlete feedback and inspired by our trail racing shoe, the Cloudventure Peak. 


"With the new Cloudventure, we wanted to keep that heel cushioning for soft landings," says Oliver. "But we went a bit more minimalistic in the forefoot and reduced the Speedboard coverage so that you're closer to the ground – this means you'll feel more contact."


The new two-finger design of the Speedboard® splits in the forefoot, following the big toe. The design helps maintain flexion during push-off, increasing the torsion ability but keeping the characteristic On rolling motion for a better ride in all conditions.



No pressure


As above, we know that clever little design details make a big difference. So we paid close attention to the laces, placing the base of the Cloudventure Waterproof's lacing system precisely where the flex point is, right at your metatarsal phalangeal joint – or the point that connects your toe and foot bones. 


"We wanted to position the lacing in line with how your foot flexes at this point," says Oliver. "To reduce the pressure and support you in that area, as well as keep runners feeling comfortable, of course." There's also a lace strap to lock your laces away, safe and secure.


From a fast off-road 10 km to a trail marathon, the Cloudventure Waterproof keeps feet feeling fresh and dry, so you can conquer it all.


The Cloudventure Waterproof
On's technical trail running shoe made 100% waterproof. All the strengths of the original, built for all conditions.
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The all-new Cloudventure
Next-generation trail running performance designed for conquering technical trails, steep climbs and rocky terrain.
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