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Tech Profile: The all-new Cloudace

The next-gen Cloudace offers unrivaled road protection without compromise. Maximum support, cushioning, comfort and speed, in one package. Seriously Ace.


Running in comfort with support used to mean sacrificing speed. Then we created the original Cloudace, to prove that high-impact runners didn’t have to compromise. Now we’ve made it better, tuning up our most technically-advanced running shoe, to inject even more comfort, protection and performance into your road miles. When you need support and speed over longer distances, there’s a new Ace in the pack.


We approached the Cloudace with an ambitious goal: to create the ultimate support shoe. No compromises on stability, cushioning, comfort or speed. A versatile shoe to meet the needs of the most demanding runner on their long runs.


With the refined second-generation Cloudace, we kept the same recipe but with new ingredients – like our new Helion™ superfoam – we’ve taken the experience to the next level.


“This shoe showcases the very best for all the benefits you want in a running shoe,” says Edouard Coyon, Head of Footwear Product Management at On. “That starts with being protected, cushioned and comfortable with the right amount of support. But we also created a shoe that’s propulsive, dynamic and fun to run in.”


“From that first step-in, right up to when you’re deep into your long-distance runs. This is a shoe that won’t let you down.”  



Sole Remix


Much of the Cloudace’s cleverness is built into our unique midsole. We combined three ground-breaking sole technologies – Helion™ superfoam, Rebound Rubber CloudTec® and our Pebax Speedboard® – to provide the perfect balance of cushioning and energy return, support and speed.


Double layers of Helion™ superfoam and larger Clouds in the heel guarantee soft landings with impact protection for long-distance comfort.


In the forefoot, more dynamic Rebound Rubber Clouds produce a powerful push-off and a responsive ride for a go-faster feel.


The Speedboard® stabilizes each phase of the rolling motion from the foot down, propelling you forward, through to an explosive take-off. A re-engineered rubber overlay on the outsole adds even more traction for toe off and unshakeable grip, even on tight turns.



Gait Expectations


On’s Speedboard® technology is designed to improve your running efficiency, reduce energy-output and boost speed. The Cloudace’s tailored Speedboard® design has been re-engineered to offer even better energy return while still maintaining a smooth and stable ride.


“We added a wider Speedboard® that works with our unique CloudTec® construction, to provide a wider platform to land on,” says Edouard. “This integrated guidance creates a smooth transition and a natural take-off. It also delivers great energy return in a shoe that’s supportive even at speed.”



Natural Guidance


The Cloudace is designed to work with your natural running style.


“Our philosophy is not to stabilise the foot and force people to run in one way,” says Edouard. “In fact, we realised that pronation is essential in dampening the impact of landing.”


“We just want to guide people, whatever your running style. If you need extra support, the shoe is there to help you take off in a way that’s as neutral and efficient as possible without getting injured. If you don’t, there’s nothing in the shoe’s design that’s going to prevent you from running naturally.”



Wrap Star


The Cloudace’s engineered mesh, wrap-fit uppers multitask too.


Made using recycled polyester (70% of all polyester in the shoe is recycled) the mesh has a seamless, half-sock construction with an integrated tongue. It fits like your favorite socks, eliminating potential friction on the foot, ensuring unbeatable long-distance comfort.


Support comes from areas where the mesh is denser and more closed with less elasticity that really helps to hold the foot in place. Molded elements add to the secure fit and stitch-free taped seams create structure only where it’s needed most.


In other areas, the mesh upper is perforated to vent the foot and offer superior breathability. Think of it like your own built-in climate-control – great for summertime, especially when running on hot roads.



Step Change


When you’re staring down the barrel of a long Sunday run, you want shoes in your locker that provide unquestionable comfort. We made the Cloudace to be that reliable ride you reach for first when the big miles beckon.


“Ultimately the goal is that you forget you’re wearing the shoes,” says Eduoard.


“That’s why we made the step-in sensation more ace than ever. The Cloudace has a layer of foam above the Speedboard® that gives you instant comfort the minute you slide your feet in.”


That perfect fit is improved by molded elements around the sides that hold your foot securely in place, while an EVA sockliner softens landings and cradles the foot.


It’s an instant plush fit that gives you incredible confidence to run. And run. And run.


Built for maximum support with a responsive ride, updated for even the most demanding runner. The Cloudace delivers comfort without compromise.


It’s time to unlock your Ace game.


The all-new Cloudace
Maximum support and performance updated for even the most demanding runner. Now powered by Helion™ superfoam.
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