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Tech Profile: The all-new upgraded Cloudflow

Training or racing, the light, fast and fully cushioned all-new Cloudflow is your road-shoe shortcut to that runner’s high.


The great thing about running is that you set the challenges. And whether you’re pushing for a sub-30 5km or edging closer to Boston marathon qualification, every goal is equal. But while fast means something different for every runner, one thing is constant: when we’re chasing our best, we all want shoes that unleash our most explosive high speed without compromising on start-to-finish comfort. That’s why we created the Cloudflow.


Engineered for high speeds and maximum comfort, whether you're crushing a 5K or cruising a marathon, the Cloudflow hits that sweet spot. It eats up fast training and racing with effortless efficiency. 



Now in its third generation, On’s most popular performance shoe has evolved with a sleek, streamlined new look and improved performance technology that delivers a road-feel that’s fast, light and perfectly balances speed with fully cushioned comfort. 


With the race against climate change in mind, the Cloudflow also uses more recycled materials. 70% of the polyester used is recycled and 20% of the entire shoe is made from recycled materials, reducing the environmental impact and leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.


“The challenge with taking the Cloudflow – our top-selling performance running shoe – to the next level, was ensuring the familiar step-in comfort, ride and performance remained 100% recognizable, while also responding to runner feedback and elite-athlete insights, to fine-tune the design,” says Edouard Coyon, Cloudflow product manager. “We wanted to make a good product, great, without too many surprises, but plenty of excitement.”


With smart Swiss engineering and intelligent design evolution, we unlocked the faster ‘Flow. Here’s how...



Find your Flow


At 238 g (US men’s size 9), the third-generation Cloudflow remains one of our lightest shoes. It retains a unique signature balance of a lightweight responsive ride with full cushioning that delivers speed for everyone.


It’s great for tempo training on the road and is an ideal racing shoe for anyone who needs a little more cushion than regular, low-profile racers offer.


“What people like about the Cloudflow is that it’s lightweight but when you step into this shoe, you really feel the cushioning and protection.” says Edouard. “And of course the speed and response. You really feel the CloudTec® technology activating. And that’s the magical recipe that we’ve kept here.”



Flow-motion midsole


The Cloudflow’s elite-level technology allows any runner intent on going faster to lace up and enjoy more comfort, more kick and more speed. 


And nowhere is that more evident than in the powerful combination of the ultralight Helion™ superfoam CloudTec® with a fast-firing polypropylene Speedboard® that’s shaped for speed.


The result is a fast, responsive ride that works with your natural gait, turning impact into acceleration while ensuring fully cushioned road protection. We’re talking a smooth ride, soft landings and explosive take-offs. 


Born grippy


The CloudTec® outsole has evolved too. The Cloudflow gets the same geometry, grip rubber compound overlay and enhanced traction pattern as our elite marathon shoe, the Cloudboom Echo. That means better hold on the road for confident cornering on city streets at high speed. A twisty-turny course should hold no fear.



Racing fit, primed for pace 


The Cloudflow’s lightweight re-engineered mesh uppers are streamlined and primed for race pace. We saved weight by putting minimal strategic reinforcements only where needed to support tired feet while zoned ventilation lets air flow through for excellent breathability.  


The heel fit is now even more precise, with a curved heel unit for a reassuringly secure hold even when you’re taking sharp corners. Ideal for intervals around the block or flying around tight city streets at a marathon major.


The lacing configuration also enhances that sure-footed freedom and support for high-speed goals while an elastic strap keeps laces out of the way. 


Room to maneuver


We want as many runners as possible to enjoy the Cloudflow’s unique benefits. So for the first time we’re also introducing a wider-fit version. Taking a US men’s size 9 as an example, that means 4 mm additional width around the ball of the foot, compared with the regular Cloudflow.


“With our new wide fit options, you have more space and more room around the forefoot especially in the flex area,” says Edouard. “So if your feet are bigger or if you just prefer having a bit more space in the forefoot area, you will feel the benefits.”



Lighter footprints


As part of On’s bigger commitment to reduce environmental impact, we’re working hard to create shoes that perform for the planet too. As mentioned, in the new Cloudflow, we’ve used twice the amount of recycled material than in previous generations. That includes 70% of the polyester is recycled and 20% of the entire shoe is made from recycled materials. And we’re still working on the rest.


Gold stars


Trusted by the elites, the Cloudflow is part of the Swiss Olympic team’s arsenal of gold-chasing On gear for Tokyo 2021. 


The Cloudflow
The next-gen ultralight and fully cushioned shoe for fast training and racing on the road. Take the shortcut to runner’s high
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