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Tech Profile: The On-T

It’s the t-shirt loved by athletes. It goes anywhere and with anything. But how well do you really know your tee? Meet the people who grow its cotton in Tanzania, spin its yarn in India and stitch its hem in Lithuania. Scan the label to follow its story. Seed to shirt. From us to you. Nothing to hide.


Everyone has a favorite tee. A first-thing-you-reach-for, can’t-live-without, must-pack-for-holiday essential. For active days and lounging days, travel and post-run recovery, exploring the city and wandering the country. But how many of us know the journey of our clothes, from the hands that plant the cotton to the sewers that stitch their hems?


The On-T combines the soft touch breathability of organic cotton with Swiss engineering to go anywhere and with anything. Comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin, it naturally absorbs moisture, meaning less of that clammy feeling as you work up a sweat. And with a seam that adds a simple but modern twist to your classic workout tee, it looks good too. Now, thanks to a nifty trace tool (and our lovely manufacturing partner Remei), you can follow its journey, tracking each and every step that makes your favorite tee.


On’s sustainability mission is simple. We design high-performance, lasting products with the smallest environmental impact possible. We use innovations in circularity (meaning our shoes and apparel can be re-used or recycled), materials (using only sustainable and ethical sources) and production methods (building solid friendships with the people who make our products).



The On-T begins life in Tanzania, where the farmers plant GMO-free seeds – that’s seeds that have not been genetically modified, and are free of chemicals and toxins harmful to the planet and our bodies. Finding GMO-free organic cotton seeds is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today (there are almost none left in India, where much of the world’s clothing is produced). Thanks to genetic engineering being prohibited in Tanzania, we’re able to plant, harvest and process the fully organic, GMO-free cotton that makes your tee.


What’s more, our partner, Remei – a specialist in true sustainability – gives the farmers in Tanzania and India a purchase guarantee for their cotton. That’s a promise to buy the cotton they’ve agreed to farm, building long term relationships based on trust, reliability and co-operation. This guarantee is unique to farming, giving the farmers and their families the financial income their work deserves and their livelihoods depend on.


“At the core of truly sustainable solutions are partnerships based on trust. Only partnership and reliability in the long term make development possible. For all. The On-T is a symbol of how partnership can drive change.”


See how your new On-T lets you discover its story:



The next stage of the On-T’s journey takes place in India, where our yarn spinners work, and finally Lithuania, where our knitting and sewing team stitch the final details of the On-T.


And now you can see every step of the action. Just scan the label on your On-T to discover its story. Seed to shirt. From us to you. Nothing to hide.

The 100% organic tee that goes anywhere and with anything.
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