Fr Marion Delespierre

Doctor by profession, trailblazing athlete by nature, Marion Delespierre enjoys exploring beyond limits. Looking for an activity that would help her unwind from long workdays at the hospital, she discovered her passion for the trails. From an afterwork hobby to third place at the 90km Du Mont Blanc in 2018, she continues to make a name for herself on the racing scene.


Why running and how did you get started?


I started running to share an activity with my partner. However, it quickly became a sport I could do in my own time – the swimming pool had hours that didn’t suit my medical internship.


For me, running is an easy way to get around. What I like most is moving my body and not depending on anything, whether it’s reaching a finish line or just exploring a new place. I love ultrarunning because you can totally disconnect. We come back to the basis of who we are, where nothing matters except moving forward. You go through such different phases, good and bad training days, running alone or surrounded by others, sharing kilometers and being enthusiastic about nothing. In short, I can only feel all these things while trail running.


On days where you might not feel like training, what inspires you to get out there?


Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself or the fatigue and worries of the day take away your energy. So, I always tell myself that I will feel better afterwards, even if it's a short outing and the feeling at the start isn’t optimal, I go to just "get some fresh air."


Can you tell us about a race that taught you a few lessons in this sport?


The Diagonale des Fous showed me that even when you are in pain, you can always keep moving. As long as the head wants and the body is injury-free, you can continue. I didn’t know I could cross that threshold until that race.


You can go so much further than you believe – that still amazes me.


Do you have a special pre-race ritual? 


I practice yoga the day before.


Is nutrition a big focus for you? And, what would you say is your go-to meal after a tough run?


I like to eat everything, so I don't have a special diet. I listen to my body and don't have a predefined meal plan. Nevertheless, two to three days before the race I take care to eat foods that I digest well for maximum performance during the race. A post-race beer shared with friends, however, is a must.


What are your top tips for a speedy recovery after training?


I recommend yoga or biking. 


Who is your “team”?


My partner and my friends.


What was the best piece of running advice you ever received?


Listen to each other run and make as little noise as possible.


Apart from running, what are your passions? 


Sport in general, and of course my job.


What’s your favorite On shoe?   

The Cloudventure Peak
“They’re super dynamic, lightweight and comfortable.”
See the Shoe


Favorite apparel piece?   

The Sweatpants
“They’re great for warm up and cool down.”
See the Pants


Finally, why On? 


The human spirit and the people I meet thanks to On.


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