Cloudflyer iron sky

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Light stability running shoe for long runs.

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Live from the On Labs

The Cloudflyer – now shorter, long runs.

Lightweight stability and cushioning

12 "Cloud" elements built from Zero-Gravity foam provide supreme cushioning while staying lightweight, making the Cloudflyer the perfect long distance running shoe. They cushion intelligently while activating the inherent stability of your body and gait.

Lightweight stability and cushioning

Star lacing for secure comfort

Star lacing over a plush tongue brings long distance comfort and provides a snug, secure fit.

Star lacing for secure comfort
Wider platform for more stability

Wider platform for more stability

Wider surface area provides a stable stance for a safe ride.

Stability impulse

Stability impulse in specifically engineered heel "Clouds" promotes running motion without inward rotation.

Stability impulse
  • Lightweight stability and cushioning
  • Star lacing for secure comfort
  • Wider platform for more stability
  • Stability impulse
Cloudflyer Mens 2016

Runner profile

All types of runners looking for a supremely cushioned and stable running shoe that retains a light and agile running feel


Run with extra cushioning and stability, but without the weight



Heel toe offset

7 mm | 0.28 in


280 g | 9.8 oz (US M 8.5)

I make long runs shorter

The all-new Cloudflyer brings extra cushioning and stability to your run. Its patented CloudTec® system is engineered with Zero-Gravity foam so the shoes weigh in at less than 300 grams (10.6 oz). It’s ultra light, yet incredibly stable and supremely cushioned. Welcome to our frequent flyer program.

I make long runs shorter

Don't run - fly

The Cloudflyer lets you run the way you are meant to run, and that means a short and sweet touch-down, a natural transition, and a stable platform. Get ready for incredibly soft landings and explosive take-offs. With the Cloudflyer, On is taking on gravity and setting you free. Long runs have never felt so short.

Don't run - fly
Collapsible Clouds

Collapsible Clouds

The "Cloud" elements come with a predefined collapsing line supporting the forward momentum and the horizontal movement. Extended low abrasion rubber pads at impact zones provide durability.

Wider platform

Wider platform

Compared to the Cloud, the Cloudflyer offers a wider surface area. The wider platform provides a stable stance and gives you secure comfort on long distance runs.

  • I make long runs shorter
  • Don't run - fly
  • Collapsible Clouds
  • Wider platform

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Flying on clouds


I am hooked

“I now LOVE the fit: they feel like I am not wearing shoes at all and they perform really well, especially after picking up a little speed.”

Men's Running UK

“Running shoes have changed a lot in recent years, but this is much different.”