Where to meet
IM Nice Expo - On booth
June 28, 2019
17:30 - 18:30

Double Your Run Challenge & Demo Run 


Are you ready to double up? 


Join the Double Your Run challenge and discover the latest CloudTec® innovation from On! 

On June 28 we challenge you to push your distance. Can you go further than your regular run? Can you keep going for longer? Can you double your run? 

With the latest On model, we’ll help you up your mileage. This will be running on clouds at a whole new level. 

Meet us as the On booth at Ironman Nice and be first to put our new innovation to the test. 

  • Friday June 28 at 17h00 
  • Meet at the On booth at Ironman Nice 
  • Demo Run Start: 17h30 (for approximately 45 mins)
  • Test the newest On shoes 
  • Refreshments will be served post run
  • You’ll be able to leave personal items at the booth

Promenade des anglais - Nice Sur le salon Ironman, sur le stand On

Promenade des Anglais - Nice

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