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Human Shift: Exploring transformation through movement

At a time when culture, sport and spirituality have never been more important or interconnected, we’ve teamed up with Human Shift, a trans-seasonal magazine based in Stockholm and New York, to explore the significance of movement in the modern world.


Without action, nothing changes. 


It’s this idea that drives Human Shift, a bi-annual publication that uses style, sports and wellness to explore and inspire movement – of the body, mind and energy.


At its core, Human Shift is a creative community that connects and brings different voices together to create meaningful content. And while each issue focuses on the characteristics and challenges of a certain chakra – the body's energy points – the magazine is ultimately all about evolution through change – on both a personal and collective level. 


Because for Stina Daag and Polina Aronova-Cahn – the creative team responsible for realizing this vision – these changes are what life is really all about. And in order to experience these transformations, you need to move your body and mind. 


We caught up with the pair to discuss their inspiration, ambitions and daily movement routines.



Could you tell us about the philosophy behind Human Shift and how it came to be? 


“Human Shift began as a print publication in 2017, with the intention of creating a platform that could inspire and empower people to transform their lives. 


“When we create the space for perspective and elevate the energy of one person, even on the most fundamental level, it ripples through to those around them. That ripple ignites movement, creating a Human Shift.”


When you talk about someone experiencing a Human Shift, what precisely do you mean?


“A Human Shift is a realization or change within, which shifts our beliefs and behaviors, and, in turn, impact the world around us.


"It’s a personal experience that can generate collective and far-reaching benefits.


“Our intention is to provide the resources, knowledge, opportunities and experiences to inspire, as well as support mindful evolution for all those who are open to it.”


Movement plays a vital role in the Human Shift, but what exactly does it mean to you? 


“The concept behind Human Shift has always been; transformation through movement of body, mind, consciousness and energies. It was inspired by the guiding principle of both Newton’s first law of motion – an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion – and the Daoist philosophy of flow. Because a body in movement and an open mind go hand in hand.”



What are some of your favorite ways to move?


Stina: “My daily routine this last year has been a morning session of Pranayma, an hours walk in nature, midday meditation, then end of day cardio or yoga (alternating Ashtanga and Yin.) I also love to take digital classes with The Class and OneCommune, and do a lot of spontaneous dancing and shaking breaks while I work to reset my energy.”


Polina: “My current practice involves weekly sessions of Groundcontrol (a hybrid of pilates and various conscious movement modalities created by Lindsay Ashmun), Kula Yoga and a weekly combo of road/trail running. Most evenings I dance with my sons. I also do work internally, with early morning meditation followed by 20 minutes of free writing and alternate week breath practice. Then on weekends I check out new teachers that inspire me, like Nicolette Gibson’s Somatic Movement classes on Invisible Hall.”


How would you explain transformation through movement?


“It means that someone goes with the flow, they evolve with it. They stay curious and always in motion.”


What are your ambitions for Human Shift? 


"Our goal is simple – to further inspire our audience, in print, online and IRL."



It’s this mutual appreciation of movement, and the power it has to alter our reality, that’s brought On and Human Shift together to explore the significance of movement in the modern world.


To kick-start this unique collaboration, we connected with Nicolette de Saint Amour – Somatic movement teacher and plantswoman – and Duy Nguyen – entrepreneur and co-founder of LA-based Koreatown Run Club – to discuss mindfulness, time spent outdoors and why movement is important to them.


"Being out in nature is a special thing for me… It’s just you, your breath, the sound of your feet hitting the gravel. It’s very peaceful."

Duy Nguyen


"Whatever it is I’m doing, whether I’m walking, running, swimming, moving, I can always rely on my breath."

Nicolette de Saint Amour


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