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Tech profile: the Cloud X Shift

The Cloud X Shift fuses 90s-inspired style with contemporary tech for a look that shifts as you move – literally. Think constant comfort, relentless energy and ultralight versatility that works out anywhere. Time to Remix Rewind. Here’s how we made the newest addition to the Cloud X lineup.


The Cloud X Shift is made to be different. The first-ever On with a translucent upper, it effortlessly juggles athletic and aesthetic for a shoe unlike any you’ve seen or worn before.


“Our goal was to find a fresh twist to the upper whilst still being true to the original cloud X.”


With the Cloud X Shift the question is not “What can I do with you today?”. Just step in and see where it takes you. It’s made for all-day comfort but always ready for an unexpected night out, a short run or even an impromptu workout.


Leave your limits at the door. Now it’s up to you to make action happen. But do it your way and stay true to your colors – show the world what you’re all about.



A shift in perspective


Our redesigned monomesh upper reveals your inner colors – literally. Made from translucent material, your colorful socks will shape the appearance of the shoe at the forefoot. And you know what that means, right? Exactly, you can finally unlock the full potential that lies in your soon-to-be huge sock collection. So, go out and have some fun with new head to toe color combinations.


Inspired by the original Cloud X, in this case we’ve used recycled polyester for the upper. A small change that makes a big difference – for you and the environment. The Cloud X Shift is flashier and more sustainable, and thanks to the breathable monomesh upper you’ll feel as fresh as you look.


“We wanted to create a very lightweight upper that’s highly breathable for all of your fitness activities and on-the-go moves.” – Ruth Heenan, Product Manager


Think about it: when did you ever get the chance to temporarily customize parts of your shoe, without cutting it up or dyeing it?



Step in, shine through


In search of something new, we were inspired by something old, a design that connects past and present.


Drawing inspiration from the 90s, the nostalgic colorways of the Cloud X Shift should be a welcome addition to any expressive outfit. The design demands the attention once you enter the room, but won’t distract from the outstanding color combination of your whole outfit.


To perfectly match the colorways of the Cloud X Shift, we have created three unique colorways of the high sock that’ll bring out the best in each design.



Cushioning left and right


As always, our Cloudtec® sole will keep you striding straight to the finish line of your day – and beyond if you decide on a little after hours adventure. But to be honest, the Helion™ superfoam doesn’t really care if you’re moving in a straight line, up the office stairs, sideways through crowded streets or back and forth on the dancefloor – it’ll soften your landings and launch you right back into action. 


It’s like that friend you can take anywhere, always providing you with the right energy and support for the occasion. 


A steady presence


So you can change pace and direction at will, the Cloud X Shift is stable and keeps your foot secure with just enough hold. Without compromising comfort, the reinforced TPU overlays are patiently waiting to keep your forefoot in place. So, whenever you’re changing directions, your feet are in good hands.



Translucent material, transparent sourcing


Developing a translucent material that’s breathable, comfortable and durable is no easy task. But one thing was clear: this expressive design decision must not compromise our ideals of sustainability. 


So, we created a new upper for the Cloud X Shift that’s made from 100% recycled polyester. In total, over half of the shoe’s polyester is made up of recycled material. That adds up to a combined 15-20% of recycled materials used for the whole shoe.



Get where you need to go, faster


Changes of direction require a lot of energy: catching yourself while moving swiftly, keeping your balance, and then pushing off again. The Cloud X Shift makes use of its integrated Speedboard® to dampen your landing and fuel your takeoff. 


While planting your foot, the liquid-filled Speedboard® serves as a sort of temporary energy storage. Once you’re just about to lift off again, it uses the flexion of the shoe to release the energy again. The result: every step feels like you’ve got a comfortable tailwind.


In the Cloud X Shift, you can expect more than a versatile everyday shoe that’s above eager to move with you. Be prepared to take the reins on your head-to-toe look unlike ever before. Command the attention and get creative with the Cloud X Shift as it sets the stage for your next urban adventure. 


But the final question still remains unanswered: What will YOU make of the athletic and aesthetic liberty of the Cloud X Shift? 


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