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A race to plant 5000 trees with Active Giving

On is partnering with Active Giving to sponsor the planting of 5000 trees. But we need your help. Grab your shoes and get moving. Join Team On from March 20 to March 31 on the Active Giving app where each kilometer run gets converted into a tree planted.


Trees. They filter the water we drink, absorb harmful carbon and clean the air we breathe. As runners we rely on them for so much more than just a scenic route to run through. So we’re giving back to Mother Nature with Active Giving – and we want you to join us. 


How can we plant 5000 trees?


It’s simple. Put on your shoes and run. Join Team On with the Active Giving app and each kilometer gets converted into one tree planted. From March 20 to March 31 we want you to get moving and log your runs so we can reach this incredible goal together. 


Don’t worry, the app keeps track of everything through GPS-tracking. Or use your Strava app. Each kilometer you log converts into one tree. So get out there and start giving back with every step you take. 


Join Team On


Follow these simple steps to help us help the planet.


• Step one: Download the Active Giving app from the App Store or Google Play

• Step two: Create your running profile

• Step three: Click the Menu tab 

• Step four: Click Team

• Step five: Enter our code – TEAMON

• Step six: Click the Activity tab at the bottom of the screen

• Step seven: Get moving and track your runs


You can share your activity on Instagram to inspire your friends to join the mission, check your individual impact on the home screen and keep up with Team On’s progress on the team page.


Remember: In order for your runs to help Team On you need to track your activities using the Active Giving app or by connecting your Strava account. Once you join Team On your distance will be added towards our goal and you must remain part of our team until we reach our goal for your contribution to be counted. If you leave early, we can’t count your trees.



Okay, but what is Active Giving?


We all want to look after our planet, but sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start. Active Giving has got you covered, and it’s as easy as putting one foot in front of the other.


Active Giving collaborates with forward-thinking companies and events that want to support a healthy lifestyle while positively impacting the planet. These companies sponsor Active Givers by planting trees on their behalf to raise awareness of their sustainability efforts. So far, their mission has helped plant 175,671 trees (and counting) to battle the climate crisis. The app does all the hard work keeping track of your progress so that each kilometer logged gets converted into trees planted.


Team On will be running with the Eden Reforestation Projects. Their mission to restore ecological balance through reforestation also supports local villages – providing jobs and natural preservation. They hire and train locals to plant native tree species for the highest levels of success, and these villagers then become guardians for these trees. 


Since it began, Eden has planted more than 485 million trees worldwide in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya and Central America. Their goal is to plant 500 million trees by 2025. Let’s help them make this happen.


Get out there and run! 


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