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Oliver Bernhard running tip Nº 4: enjoy the high

Advice on running from ex-professional running champion, coach and On co-founder Oliver Bernhard.


“Running generates hormones that make us feel happy. And the endorphins that exercise creates in the body both during and after a run not only raise our spirits, they make us more creative and productive too – all of which we can take full advantage of in the rest of our daily lives.”


Olivier Bernhard has put all his professional athlete experience into the On range and recommends to start in the Cloud – and train in the Cloudsurfer for more regular runners.


The Cloud
Go for “Zero-Gravity running” with the world’s lightest fully cushioned running shoe.
The Cloud
The Cloudsurfer
Designed for the ultimate road ride, the Cloudsurfer combines training-shoe comfort with racing-flat speed.
See the shoe