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Tech Profile: The Cloudnova

This is what happens when innovation and tradition collide. This is a new breed of shoe. A limited-edition sneaker with elite-level running technology and comfort. This is the Cloudnova.


Ten years of Swiss-engineered running tech and minimalist design has led us here. The Cloudnova fuses everything we know about performance technology with a brand new style that radiates urban energy and attitude. 


In other words, it takes all the features that make our running shoes so practical, functional and comfortable, and wraps them in an edgy new high-impact silhouette. 



Made for spontaneous adventure and urban escapades, the Cloudnova is a nod to On’s short history and our origins in minimal Swiss design and maximum sporting performance. 


And, like all On items, it’s the attention to detail that really sets the Cloudnova apart. Every element is Swiss-engineered for ultimate comfort. 


It’s time to discover a new breed of shoe. Hit refresh. 



Bespoke Speedboard™   

The Cloudnova is not a running shoe but it is powered by much of the same performance DNA that’s helped elite On athletes win medals all over the world. Leading the way, as usual, is the bespoke Speedboard™ that lies under the foot and above the midsole. 


Flexing and firing with your every step, it converts energy generated by landings into forward motion. It’s developed specifically to work with the new-gen CloudTec® (more on this below) for maximum lift-off and the smoothest of walking sensations. Propelling you into your day, into new experiences, into whatever you choose.   


CloudTec® Reimagined 



For an experiment in sneaker style and our signature award-winning running technology, we wanted the Cloudnova to have silhouette unlike any other. But despite the new look, it’s still CloudTec®.


CloudTec® was never meant to be a specific look. It’s a feeling.


Connected Cloud elements increase contact area and pressure distribution. Compressing horizontally and vertically they cushion the impact of your movement. Once collapsed, they form a firm platform to push off from then expand as your foot lifts up. Working in tandem with the Speedboard™, they provide a rolling motion that mimics the foot’s natural movement. 


Energy-saving comfort with every step.


For increased security, strategically-positioned rubber adds reinforcement where it’s needed most and traction on hard surfaces. Plus, a splash of contrast to the bottom unit too. 



New Heights of Comfort

The Cloudnova has a brand new low-mid collar height, which adds reassuring comfort around the ankle for a more protective feel without restricting movement. 


The engineered mesh upper is a direct link to our running performance background. It’s distraction-free, highly-breathable and built for serious running. Smart in looks and in tech. And with strategic weaving for fortification in key areas. 


In pursuit of even greater comfort, the Cloudnova features an inner sock construction. It's almost like a shoe within a shoe, and offers a step-in feel unlike any thing out there. 



Asymmetrical Heels 

Padded and asymmetrical, the heel unit is yet another running-inspired innovation implemented for extra comfort. Designed to handle punishing speeds, it’s the ideal combination of soft and secure – so it's perfect for a casual change of pace too. Plush and premium, you’ll notice the difference straight away. An external TPU overlay offers increased durability. 


Why asymmetrical? 

The two main bones of the human ankle are called the medial malleolus, located on the inner side of the ankle, and the lateral malleolus, which is on the outer side of the ankle. The medial malleolus naturally sits a little higher than the lateral malleolus, so shaping the Cloudnova’s heel unit asymmetrically means both sides of the ankle benefit.  



A wider base unit and side-wall extensions make light work of lateral movements, even when you're in a rush. Ideal for getting the jump on your morning commute or dodging passersby on the sidewalk. 



The new “heel-tongue” feature that extends from the shoe’s centre to heel provides an extra layer of comfort, just like a traditional tongue. But instead of confining this sensation to the midfoot, the Cloudnova’s innovative approach covers the foot’s entire rear section for a soft and supportive, locked-in feeling. 


To keep the shoe as lightweight as possible, the actual tongue piece itself is as minimal as can be. Super-thin for a super-light step-in feel. 



Fresh Laced 

Forget conventional eyelets, the Cloudnova’s new lacing system rewrites the rules for ultimate wearability. The unique combination of loops and straps is designed to give you equal pull when tying the laces for an evenly-distributed, distraction-free sensation. No matter how wide or narrow your feet might be. 


Adaptability is key. Fit and comfort are always personal, so we wanted to create a versatile, flex-oriented lacing system that can be customized according to individual preferences. Keep it simple and go with the out-of-the-box configuration. Or get experimental and find a fit that works for you. 



The limited-edition Cloudnova is all the performance you’ve come to expect from an On shoe with a brand new look. Get it if you can.    


The Cloudnova
The limited-edition sneaker with our signature performance running tech.
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