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The atmos team’s take on the Cloudnova

Revered for their inside knowledge on iconic sneakers and streetwear, the Tokyo-based atmos team discuss a new breed of shoe, the ultra-limited Cloudnova.


On Thursday, April 30, 2020, we Hit Refresh. Ten years of Swiss-engineered running tech collided with the world of all-day sneaker style. And the Cloudnova caused quite the stir. 


A draw decided on the ultra-limited number of people who are now sporting the sold-out White | Umber and Black | Eclipse colorways. 


Back in February, we gave G-Ken, manager of the atmos BLUE store in Tokyo, an early look at the Cloudnova to get his reaction to the shoe that GQ is now calling the first great sneaker of the WFH era


“It truly feels like an evolution,” he says. “But at the same time totally original. It’s like the Swiss company’s running technology has been unleashed onto the street and fashion scenes." 


Anytime I see people in another brand, I say, 'What? You’re still not wearing Ons?'


Tech Profile: The Cloudnova
Swiss-engineered details make the difference. Discover more about the technology behind the Cloudnova.


Made for spontaneous adventure and urban escapades, the Cloudnova is an everyday shoe with out-of-this world performance. 


More than 10,000 people signed up for our draw, and our entire stock was oversubscribed within minutes of release. 


If you’re feeling a little blue about missing out on a pair, you’re not alone. But this is the sneaker reloaded and we’re reloading our draw too for the next ultra-limited colorway drop. 


Welcome back the Cloudnova, looking bold in blazing new blue shades.



Lagoon | Limelight 



Denim | Ruby 



Elite-level tech. Street-ready style. The Cloudnova now in shades of blazing blue, but it’s only for a few.


Enter the draw to get yours now, and be sure to get a closer look at the tech that sets this sneaker apart. 


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