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Style Stories: THE ROGER Advantage

Fresh, versatile and easy to style – and these guys are here to prove it. We asked a group of content creators to style out THE ROGER Advantage and share their tips for where to find inspiration and how to define a style that’s true to you.


Our next group of Style Story contributors show us just how essential a tennis-inspired sneaker is for your wardrobe. From neutral shades to vibrant colors, to soft flowing fabrics and structured silhouettes, take a look at the endless ways THE ROGER Advantage can be styled.


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Akeil + Flora



Akeil is a London-based writer and influencer marketing manager. He’s also the founder of Queer Bruk, a platform and club-night that aims to bridge the gap between queer nightlife and Black music and culture. It runs in the family too. “I love music and dancing and can dance a night away in my kitchen.” his mom tells us. Flora is a social worker and when she’s not busy looking after other people, she’s a keen upcycler who loves thrift shopping and spending time enjoying her vibrant garden. “She has informed my taste and how I look at fashion completely – she would take me to the charity shops which I HATED as a child, but now go all the time”. Flora and Akeil even have their own Instagram account together. 


Akeil’s style inspirations: Dennis Rodman, Biggy, Rihanna.

Akeil’s reliable wardrobe staple: Sunglasses





Paul is a multi-disciplinary creative currently living in Seoul, South Korea. He started his photography career covering global fashion weeks for platforms like Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, and Vogue.


“Being not only behind the lens but also in close proximity to style certainly has influenced the way I approach my own style. Whether it's out on the street or on the runways, different seasons introduce new styles or often re-visit old ones.”


When he’s not working or exploring 3D motion/design projects, you’ll find him researching furniture function and design, on a bike ride, or going for a run.


Style inspirations: America for its functional wear. Japan and Denmark for minimalistic styles and varying silhouettes.





Natalie is a South East London-based writer and brand consultant and founder of The Fashion Digital, where she focuses on brands at the intersection of fashion and sustainability. “My style is a little more grown up these days, but I still love the eccentric and unexpected.“ When she’s not working, knitting, or stockpiling Hello Kitty merch, Natalie’s listening to shouty girl bands, ‘60s yé-yé, and bossa nova, or hanging out with her husband Chris, and their two cats, Fashion and Slash. She’s also writing her first children’s book. 


Style inspirations: old copies of FRUiTS, a Japanese street fashion magazine. (Head to this tumblr page if you can’t get hold of a hard copy)





Born and raised in London, Claudia Rose is a former fashion stylist and now the founder and editor-in-chief of Able Zine. In 2017, Claudia was diagnosed with her first chronic illness and has since become increasingly passionate about disability rights and authentic, diverse disability representation in the media. She describes her styles as playful, eclectic and recycled. 


“Feeling unwell a lot of the time means that the way I dress is more often for comfort than I’d like, but whenever I do go out I take my outfits pretty seriously, because I don’t want to look on the outside how I feel on the inside. If I’m using a mobility aid I also think dressing in a way that exudes my sense of style helps to defy the notion that disability is tragic and unattractive.”


Style inspirations: Cher Horowitz as she loves the 90s, Aleali May for a modern touch, and “my parents who both have very high standards”





Mette is an ultra-cool mother of two who loves to blend secondhand and vintage with more contemporary pieces. She describes her style as bohemian glam with a masculine and colorful twist. The best advice she’s received about embracing individuality? “If you feel good in it don’t worry what others might think. Be proud if someone says you look different. If you have forgotten what you are all about, try to remember what you liked early in life. I have always loved prints and textiles with small flowers – I still do. I disliked itchy sweaters – I still do.”


Style inspirations: Pinterest and Instagram are Mette’s first choice, but inspiration can be found everywhere – “the other day I spotted a men’s outfit I immediately wanted to try myself.”





Content creator, lover of 90s and 00s R&B, and advocate for being authentically and unapologetically yourself – Marquis is all about what makes you feel good. "Wear color schemes that you don’t realize you gravitate towards. Look at memorable images, logos, packaging, or even outside at the color schemes. Take your pic and boom! Outfit.” Head to Marquis’ Instagram page for loads of tips on styling individual pieces, pairing colors, and tones of uplifting content. 


Style inspirations: Clothing that offers the opportunity to create whichever version of himself he wants to be that day


Hassan | Queen of Virginity



“Drag is my therapy and Queen of Virginity is my absolutely best therapist.” Growing up in Lebanon, Hassan dreamt of a brave, more expressive version of themselves. “They are my ultimate fantasy of a gender non-conforming warrior.” Now living in Berlin, Queen of Virginity is an organizer at Queer Arab Barty, a collective that aims to create a safer space for queer and trans Arabs. Through dance parties, workshops and discussions they aim to encourage self-expression in a space free from judgement.“ Walking on the streets of Berlin dressed the way I chose to, not conforming with the gender binary is the bravest statement that I could make. It’s something that makes me vulnerable but empowers me at the same time.”


Style inspirations: Hunter Schafer, FKA Twigs, Ezra Miller, Sherihan and anyone who appreciates the color pink.


THE ROGER Advantage
The third tennis-inspired sneaker to join the collection co-created with Roger Federer.
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