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Tech Profile: The all-new Cloudswift

The Cloudswift is designed to be the ultimate urban running shoe. It’s a combination of two ideas: soft landings on the hardest surfaces and swift speedy movements without slipping. Discover what’s new for the second-generation model.


The first Cloudswift redefined urban running with a sock-like upper and an outsole that made running on hard surfaces feel easier and smoother than ever. But at On, we are constantly seeking improvement so we’ve used feedback from those who the run the streets to take it up a level with the second-generation model. 


The key areas we focused on? Cushioning, grip, and improving that signature rolling motion.


Get ready to conquer concrete. To crush your lunch break PR. To run the city like never before. The all-new Cloudswift raises the bar with an all-new cushioning experience. Plus, it’s built with more sustainable materials.


Let’s go through the updates in more detail.


The Cloudswift 
Conquer concrete with the all-new Cloudswift. Made for short and speedy city bursts, it’s the ultimate urban runner. And it’s available now. 


The Upper

One of the standout features of the first Cloudswift was the sock-like upper that molds itself to your feet. For the second-generation model, we’ve re-engineered it and increased the amount of room in the toe box for a more generous fit. 


It’s still designed to feel like your favorite pair of socks and to offer maximum comfort but, this time, its engineered mesh is 100% recycled. 


Integrating the tongue into the upper allows for an effortless step-in sensation and we’ve also improved the way the upper works with the lining, laces, and the supportive quarter cage for a tight hold throughout your run. 


At the same time, we’ve made the upper even more breathable by increasing the size of the interlocking loops in the mesh to allow for greater airflow – perfect for keeping you cool and comfy even during the hottest urban runs. 




Another area of focus was making sure the second-generation Cloudswift raises the bar when it comes to forefoot cushioning. To do this, we’ve made the clouds bigger throughout the entire bottom unit. In fact, it now has the biggest cloud elements of our entire lineup. So no matter how your foot lands, you’ll do it in total comfort in this shoe. 


The larger clouds provide greater cushioning and add an extra kick to your every step. Collapsing horizontally and vertically, they increase impact absorption and reduce ground contact time. Giving you better protection and a genuine spring in your step. It might sound a little contradictory, but it’s been proven to be true.



More clouds = more Helion™

Helion™ is made to do it all. Cushioning without compromise. It’s Swiss-engineered to be lightweight and durable, big on energy return and impact protection too. It performs equally well in hot and cold conditions. In other words, it’s a superfoam. And it was created especially to meet the demands of the toughest surface there is: concrete. 


Using larger cloud elements means that we’ve used more Helion™ in the next-generation Cloudswift. This means more street-ready cushioning and impact protection with zero compromise. 


“Advanced production processes make it possible to combine rigid, stable sections with more flexible foam elements. This fusion offers benefits that were previously only possible with two separate materials.”



The Speedboard®

Like all On shoes, the new Cloudswift has a Swiss-engineered Speedboard®, in this case built specifically for the shoe from 100% polypropylene. It’s crafted to work with your natural running style to give you even more propulsive power and maximum efficiency while creating a smooth and dynamic transition from heel to toe.


The second-generation outsole features an even more aggressive rocker shape. This is designed to work with technology like the Speedboard® to enhance the ride of the Cloudswift – which is the shoe’s ability to transition your weight from heel-strike to toe off. The shoe is designed to reduce energy loss and maximize propulsion, so you can get more from your run without any extra effort.



Better Grip 

Power is nothing without control. That’s why we’ve updated the Cloudswift’s outsole with strategically-placed pads made from a new rubber grip compound that offers increased traction at all speeds. You’ll feel an instant connection between your shoe and the asphalt. Even on rainy day runs, the improved rubber grip elements prevent the slightest skid.


All in all, the second-generation Cloudswift pushes the limits even further when it comes to supreme cushioning paired with excellent grip on man-made surfaces. The sensation? Soft but still responsive. The ride? Smoother than ever.  


Ready to run your city?


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