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Tech Profile: The Waterproof Pants

An essential on any explorer’s packing list, the Waterproof Pants are made for adventure whatever the weather. This is an in-depth look at the tech behind our latest addition to the waterproof family.


Rain, wind, thunderstorms, changeable conditions. What if you could just head out without weather apps deciding for you? The Waterproof Pants are made to keep you covered whatever the forecast. 


Made with sustainability in mind, we engineered these pants from the highest quality materials. They feature a triple-layer membrane for long lasting water repellence and wind protection. Clever ventilation panels keep you cool without letting moisture in. And we finished the ultralight fabric with smooth taped seams and clever details to ensure you’re comfortable all day.


We packed these pants with with functional features and made sure they check all the boxes.



Protect yourself, and nature. 


The Waterproof Pants are made from 90% recycled PFCE-free Polyamide and we only use DWR (that’s durable water repellent) treatments with no PFCs.


PFCs (fluorocarbons) are hazardous to human health and the environment. We want to make sure you can go on adventures safely and sustainably so we keep PFCs well away from any of our gear.



Three-layer membrane technology. 


The Waterproof Pants upper material is constructed with three clever layers to keep you dry and protected in wild weather. 


An outer layer of DWR-treated fabric not only keeps water from getting in, it makes it hard for water to settle, so it rolls right off. A laminate membrane mid layer is completely waterproof and an inner layer is smooth and comfortable against your skin. Plus, the tightly woven fabric pattern doesn’t just keep water out, it prevents wind from passing through too. These technical layers work in sync to provide a durable and reliable wind- and waterproof system without compromise to feeling cool and fresh. 


Pretty clever if you ask us. 



100% Waterproof


We test and research until our gear is the perfect fit and function. So when we have a waterproof material, we make sure that’s rigorously tested too.


To know the true level of waterproofing a material provides, we measure using a water column rating. This process tests exactly how much water and pressure the material can take before water escapes. A piece of material – in this case, our three-layer membrane – is securely fixed below a tube and water is poured in until the pressure is too much and water droplets begin to show. 


The European Standards for protective clothing consider 1,300 mm to be waterproof. Our Waterproof Pants have a water column of 20,000 mm – so they can handle a lot of water and pressure. What that means for you is full protection even in the wildest of wet weather. 



Technical panelling


Fully waterproof can sometimes mean sacrificing breathability – well, not our waterproof gear.


When we designed these pants, we placed the waterproof panelling where you need it most – on the upper leg. The lower leg features a high stretch, DWR-coated fabric. And between those layers? Mesh ventilation panels for optimal air flow. A subtle fabric extension over the knee is just enough to stop water from finding its way through the mesh vents. So even when you’re striding uphill, you’ll stay dry.


These clever sections work together to accommodate your natural movement. The upper panels flex as you stride forward and the lower leg is soft and stretchy for comfortable, agile movement.



Functional to the finest details 


When engineering high-performance technical gear, form always follows function. But we didn’t leave any details out of the final design. 


There’s waterproof reinforcements on the pockets to keep your valuables secure and dry. Plus, extended zippers on the lower leg make for an easy step-in even while wearing shoes. So when you’re hiking in the mountains and rain clouds begin to creep across the horizon, slip the Waterproof Pants over your gear and keep heading towards that peak. 


A flat waistband with sectioned elasticated support provides a true fit and even more flexibility when you’re traversing uneven terrain. And we finished the seams with smooth waterproof taping for even more comfort, and a noticeably premium finish.  


And for owners of the Men’s Hybrid Shorts, The Waterproof Pants feature a modular connection for you to easily layer the two pieces securely together. 



Team with our Waterproof Anorak and Cloudventure Waterproof shoes and you’ve got what you need to get out and stay out, whatever the forecast says.


Wind? Rain? Bring it on.     

Waterproof Pants
Breathable waterproof pants for hiking and exploring.

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