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10 Movie Recommendations for Runners

From inspiring documentaries, to epic adventures and emotional journeys based on true events. With a little help from our athletes, we’ve compiled our top movie recommendations for runners to enjoy in their downtime.



1. Without Limits



Without Limits is based on the true story of Steve Prefontaine, a renowned runner famous in the 1970s for his abrasive attitude and fearless spirit. The film tells his story from his early years as a promising young athlete to his ascent to the Munich Olympics, and eventual tragic death at just 24 years of age. An inspiring story that’ll have you lacing your running shoes as the end credits roll. A favorite from On athlete Florian Neuschwander.





2. I am Bolt



The documentary gives us a window into the life and training of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest runner ever recorded. On athlete Chris Thompson says “It's the most raw and real behind the scenes footage I’ve seen of what an athlete goes through. At a major champs, not even words can explain. The air is different, we can all feel it but no one says anything.” 





3. Chariots of Fire



“What’s the song that always plays when someone runs?” is a frequently searched question on Google. Well, here’s your answer. Chariots of Fire won four Oscars and became known for its epic soundtrack. *Adds to running playlist*. Based on true events, the two heroes of this story are driven by their faith, determined to prove their abilities as gifted runners in the 1924 Olympics. A journey of devotion, commitment and sacrifice make this an unmissable classic. Recommended by Bart Aernouts, Rachel Cliff and David Kilgore.    





4. Million Dollar Baby



An aspiring boxer, Maggie Fitzgerald, convinces a hard-worn boxing gym owner that she’s worth a shot in this Oscar-winning movie. Won over by her determination they begin training, forming an unbreakable relationship along the way. A dark twist on her rise to stardom means they both have to face their toughest challenge yet. Recommended by Alicja Konieczek.





5. Forrest Gump 



This next one hardly needs an introduction. If you haven’t watched it, you must. And if you have? Well, you’ve probably lost count of how many times you’ve heard the line, “Run Forrest, run!”. 1994 was a tough time to be running in public. This award-winning film tells the story of Forrest Gump, a loveable character with a low IQ and a penchant for innocently finding himself in some unusual situations including one particularly epic run. Spanning across four decades, the film takes you on an adventure through history as you follow Forrest on his journey through life. 





6. Running Brave



Based on a true story, Billy Mills is an American Indian runner struggling to overcome stereotypes in his pursuit of becoming an Olympic gold medalist. David Kilgore’s recommendation for inspiration and motivation.





7. The Banff Mountain Film Festival collection



A selection of short films and documentaries about outdoors sports and epic mountain adventures. Kirra Balmanno recommends checking out the films, saying “they provide endless amounts of inspiration for mountain adventures and I'm a massive adventure-film addict!” Find the list here





8. The Race That Eats Its Young



The cult-like race has only seen 18 finishers since it began in 1989. The documentary explores the mystery behind The Barkley Marathons, from its elusive application process to its bizarre race rituals. On athlete Kirra Balmanno recommends watching the documentary, saying it “makes any other ultra look like a walk in the park”. The near-impossible course must be completed in 60h and is said to be anything between 100 and 130 miles in total, and the equivalent of climbing and descending Mount Everest twice. Or, is it? 




9. Run Fatboy Run 


A few years after leaving his pregnant fiancée at the alter on their wedding day, Dennis decides to run a marathon to win her back and prove he can make plans and see them through. A lighthearted British comedy with slapstick scenes and lovable characters, this is a feel-good movie that’ll bring back all those first-marathon memories while giving you plenty of laughs along the way. 




10. Breaking 2



Run a marathon in less than two hours? In this documentary, Nike pushes the limits of human performance, challenging three long-distance runners to break the marathon world record by almost 3 minutes.




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