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Fits to a tee: The pro golfer on clouds

Golfer Maria Torres has attracted attention in her debut pro year – with her shoe choice as well as her results. Rather than traditional golf shoes, Torres prefers the Swiss-engineered comfort of On.


After turning pro in December 2017, golfer Maria Torres is fast earning a reputation as a pioneer. The first Puerto Rican on the LGPA women’s pro golf tour, she’s now also blazing a trail by wearing running shoes when she competes. Torres’s footwear caused a stir as she hit two stunning rounds wearing the Cloud to take an early lead at the Evian Championships in Geneva, Switzerland, in September 2018.  


Torres’s career as a professional was threatened before it had truly begun when she started suffering with tendonitis in the peroneal tendon, which runs from behind the ankle bone to beneath the midfoot. 


"Physical therapy and using the correct shoes was the best treatment course,” Torres explained. “I was willing to try anything because my foot was in so much pain.


“I was practicing and I noticed that the pro shop of the golf course I was training at that day had On shoes on display, so I decided to try them on. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. It was the first time in a while that I felt comfortable walking and running around.


“After trying the On shoes, I fell in love with them; since then I haven’t tried anything else. I tried several styles and I have to be honest, I love them all. They all fit my tendonitis problem well. 


“Running is a part of my training plan, so I use my On shoes for my cardio workouts. In fact, I use my On shoes for every activity that I do – on and off the golf course.”


As well as the all-day performance of the Cloud, Torres is also a fan of the Cloudrush. While engineered for the road rather than the fairway, it’s the racing shoe made for crushing rivals in complete comfort. Which is precisely Torres’s goal every time she steps up to the tee on clouds. 


Welcome to the club, Maria.

The Cloud
Maria Torres’s choice for comfort and performance, all-day every day.
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The Cloudrush
The shoe Torres uses for crushing rivals in complete comfort.
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