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From Road to Trail in 4 Weeks

The transformative guide to trail running created with input from elite athletes. Train wherever you are, be ready for mountain missions in just four weeks.

Unleash your inner trail runner

Daredevil downhills, fitness that reaches new heights, the feeling as you conquer the summit. There's a lot to love about trail running – especially the community it creates. So when we set out to create the complete transformative guide to taking your run off road, that's where we started. From Road to Trail in 4 Weeks condenses essential insights from elite trail athletes into one easy-to-follow month-long plan.


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From road to trail in 4 weeks


Conquer the basics, then the summit, with advice from Xterra off-road triathlon world champion Lesley Paterson, who started out running on the road.

Own the downhill with descending tips from trail running's up-and-coming power couple Germain Grangier and Katie Schide.

Crush the climbs with exclusive uphill running advice from champion Xterra trail triathlete Mau Mendez.

Complete your trail runner transformation with inspiration from ultra running star Florian Neuschwander.