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Tech Profile: The All-New Cloudflash

The Cloudflash is the carbon-fiber-infused shoe you wear when you want to go fast. Ultra-light and with an ultra-aggressive rocker shape, it’s made for race pace. Here’s what’s new for the second-generation model.


The all-new Cloudflash is perfect for lung-busting work on the track and high-speed, cross-city dashes but, really, it’s made to race. 


That’s why we recruited some our fastest professional athletes, from Chris Thompson and Javier Gómez Noya to the On Zap Endurance team, to help us make the second-generation model. No expense was spared and no detail overlooked. 


“For me it’s the fastest On shoe to date,” says Olympian Chris Thompson, who has a 5km PR of 13:11 and and 10km PR of 27:27. 


“It’s lightweight and best worn at great speeds. Helion™ foam offers enough cushioning to complement the responsive ride of the Speedboard. And the new outsole provides highly effective grip for the track or the road. 


“Plus, the attractive colors finish the shoe off to elite specifications.”


Tech Profile: The Cloudflash
The Cloudflash is the carbon-fiber-infused shoe that's fast over shorter distances. Ultra-light and with an ultra-aggressive rocker shape, it’s made for race pace. Here’s what’s new.
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CloudTec® Continues to Evolve 


Our new marathon racer, the Cloudboom, was the first On shoe to feature our award-winning CloudTec® technology both above and below the Speedboard®. But the Cloudflash is hot on its heels, as it also employs a double layer of Clouds.


There is, however, a key difference. The Cloudflash only features CloudTec above the Speedboard to the forefoot of the shoe, and below the Speedboard to the rear. 


It’s the first time any On has used this Cloud configuration, and was implemented based entirely on feedback from some of our best athletes. 




The upper forefoot layer allows for cushioning closer to the foot yet maintains a stable feeling when landing or taking on sharp turns.


And the lower layer of Cloud elements under the Speedboard™ ensures protection from the impact of asphalt – especially as feet start to tire and heel-strike sets in. 



“Athletes wanted more forefoot cushioning but didn’t want to lose the responsive feeling they got with the first-gen Cloudflash,” explains Kevin Dellion, Sport Science Lead in the On Innovation Team. 


“We found that putting Clouds above the Speedboard was a great best of both worlds solution,”


Of course, we’ve used our super-responsive superfoam, Helion™, to provide cushioning without compromise. It performs consistently whatever the temperature. So you’re free to push the pace in the hot and the cold. 


Want to know more about Helion™?
Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what our superfoam is, how it works and how it benefits your run.
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Carbon-Fiber Speedboard


Our Speedboard technology is made to boost your speed and reduce your energy-output. Bending then snapping back to position with your every step, it converts the energy you create when landing into forward motion. 


To enhance this sensation even more, the Cloudflash uses the same carbon-fiber-infused Speedboard as the Cloudboom.


After 18 months of experiments, we found just the right amount of additional rigidity for a more powerful push-off, without sacrificing the agile feel the Speedboard® is famous for. 


“We put all of our knowledge from creating previous Speedboards into creating the best possible Speedboard we could,” says Kevin. 


It’s our most explosive Speedboard to date, so it’s ideal for racing.



Rock Your Race


The Cloudflash has a heel-toe drop of 5mm. But, looking at the profile of the shoe, you can see immediately that it has an extreme rocker profile. 


Together with the new-and-improved Speedboard™, this creates an efficient rolling motion and an even more responsive ride, providing you with all the kick you could want as you push for the finish line. 


Try it for yourself. As soon as you step in to the shoe you’ll feel that aggressive stance propelling you forwards.



The Upper


The dynamic single layer of engineered mesh makes the upper of the Cloudflash ultralight, dynamic, reactive and highly breathable. 


But power without control is nothing. So we implemented no-sew support in the forefoot and metatarsal areas aids feet as they tire toward the end of the race. 


Boosting this, is the non-linear lacing system. Built wider at the base of the foot, it’s designed to provide increased stability and agility, particularly when rounding corners at speed.


The Outsole


And, speaking of taking on tight turns, just like the Cloudboom, the Cloudflash uses a specially selected grip rubber for the outsole’s overlay. It’s already come in for praise, with one reviewer saying it “provides better traction on wet roads than any other road racing shoes we have tested.” 


The grip rubber overlay provides better traction on wet roads than any other road racing shoes we have tested.

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Small Changes, Big Impact


Another key new feature is the introduction of an extra Cloud element in the shank (or the middle of the shoe) on the medial side. This provides stability, effectively distributes pressure, adds grip and protects forefoot Clouds - which are often the first to wear down when you do a lot of hard running.  


The new shape of the heel collar was developed based on feedback from some of our elite athletes, including champion triathlete Javi Gomez. Its lower curve reduces pressure points on the ankle and molded padding provides a secure fit that keeps you in control even when you’re really pushing. In triathlon especially, this is crucial to help speed up transitions. 


And when we say we looked at every detail, we really mean it. Right down to the re-engineered sockliner. The new version is thinner than any we’ve made before at just 3mm, yet has a much higher rebound and resilience thanks to the cutting-edge materials we’ve used.



Designed for your fastest runs up to 10km and with a life-expectancy of 250km, the Cloudflash is flash by name, flash by nature. Get yours now. 


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