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Point2 NYC: Dream Marathon. Dream Big.

What does it take to run 26.2 miles? What lures us to dream of post-run highs and picture-perfect smiles at the finish line? Is it a frame of mind? An elusive drive? A determination to progress? We meet Cheryl and Matthew - two runners from New York whose different approaches to training is the fuel to achieving their dreams.


The test of time


A marathon is roughly 26 miles.

No, wait. Hold on.

A marathon is 26.2 miles. Not 26. Not 27. Twenty-six-point-two. And it’s the point-two we’re talking about. It’s the point-two that makes the difference. Because it’s in the point-two that you find yourself. Push past the pain to shimmering endorphins. Make your dreams your truth.


We created the Point2 experience to celebrate Point2 people. Runners who get out there day after day. Fighting the fight, doing the distance.



We’re talking runners who strive to unlock their fullest potential. Who keep going, no matter what. Runners who understand that the only “process” is one that works for them. And the only “competition” with themselves.


Cheryl and Matthew are two New Yorkers whose unique approach to running lays the foundation for all they do. Here are their stories. 





46-year old Cheryl was born to achieve. And succeed. A Marriage and Family Therapist from Brooklyn, and a passionate advocate for healthcare rights, determination is instilled in her bones. ‘My father was a general in the army, so I was raised all over the world. It’s from him that I inherited my mindset.’



But it wasn’t until the lead-up to her 40th birthday that Cheryl discovered long-distance running. ‘I was bamboozled into doing the Brooklyn half-marathon by my sorority sister. Which I finished in under two hours. Not bad, for a beginner.’ That same year, Cheryl ran five marathons and qualified for New York City.


Six years, three continents and fifteen marathons later, Cheryl hits the sidewalk at five in the morning, six days a week. ‘Running has intention. Running is strategic. Running is my coffee.’ And running has taken her to places she’d have never otherwise seen, from the suburbs of New York to the historical landmarks of Berlin. Following the murder of George Floyd and the unrest that followed, Cheryl participated in protest runs all over the country. ‘There are many ways to protest. Ours is to run.’



Today, Cheryl’s a regular speaker at anti-hate events. And her latest goal? To run the Boston marathon – a height she’s had her sights on since missing the qualifier by five seconds. Hit play to see Cheryl’s incredible story of passion and perseverance.





For 22-year-old Matthew, winning a place at the Manhattan School of Music was a game-changer. A double bassist and composer, he’d always been active in his Maryland community. But only in New York did he find like-minded artists with whom he could truly express himself. Then came COVID.



‘I’ve always worked out, but I didn’t get into running until the pandemic hit. I had to move back home to live with my mom and sister, and experienced a period of lowness. I missed playing concerts and being with other musicians. And one day, I realized there was only one way out of this slump – to get active again. So I started running.’



Stepping out into the tranquil woodlands surrounding his family home, Matthew found a peace he hadn’t realized he’d missed. ‘Running gave me inspiration and boosted my creativity.’ Today, it forms an essential part of his morning routine. ‘It’s important for me to exercise and warm up my body because I play such physical instruments. If I don’t get the blood pumping, it can result in an injury.’



Matthew’s attitude toward running goes hand-in-hand with his music. ‘I never set myself goals or limits. Sometimes I’ll run for 30 minutes, sometimes 90. It’s the same with music. Rather than working towards targets, I prefer to lose myself in the run, just like I lose myself in music.’


Hit play to see how running has nurtured Matthew’s artistry.


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