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Caspar Coppetti on Cyclon winning Product of the Year and Sustainability Achievements

Sustainable and high-performing, On’s Cyclon is all about helping the running industry clean up for the environment. Here are On Co-Founder Caspar Coppetti’s thoughts on being recognized for sustainability achievements.


Dear On Community,


We are very proud to share with you that Cyclon, our first 100% recyclable performance running shoe, has been awarded the ISPO Product of the Year and won a special award for Sustainability Achievements


As some of you may know, a key part of the Cyclon circularity project was showing that products can be both sustainable and high-performing. So for ISPO, the world’s biggest sporting fair, to recognize and reward Cyclon this way represents an important milestone not just for On but also for the industry.


What did ISPO say?
"With Cyclon, On meets two runners’ needs: The quest for an up-to-date road running-shoe that performs like the newest generation of training or even racing shoes, and care for the environment. The shoe is super light, delivers good cushioning and has modern rocker-geometry, enabling the runner to perform better. At the same time, Cyclon means zero waste. It goes beyond the dimensions of traditional running shoe innovations." - Urs Weber, Editor Runner's World
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Created using castor beans, grown in arid areas where not much else survives, and a single cut of fabric for zero waste, Cyclon represents a new chapter for On. Its guiding principle, “the shoe you’ll never own,” refers to the environment-friendly “run, recycle, repeat” subscription model that we will implement – a world first. 


Our goal was to inspire performance-oriented runners to be more conscientious with purchases, to encourage them to go beyond the usual linear product lifecycle – beyond buying something and then just throwing it away after it has served its purpose. Instead, Cyclon subscribers will return their shoes in exchange for a fresh new pair. Over and over again.  



The beauty of it all? We’ll be recycling and reusing 100% of the returned product – right down to the boxes we ship them in. Good for the runner and the planet. 


It’s a concept unlike anything out there and, we hope, a turning point for the running industry. And Cyclon is more than just one shoe model. With your support, it will become an entire collection of products – including apparel – with the same cradle-to-cradle ethos.


On was born in the Swiss Alps, where, unfortunately, we observe the effects of climate change first-hand when we are out testing products or just enjoying ourselves. It will be up to our generation to reverse course, and to stop depleting our planet of its resources. What gives me hope, however, is seeing On’s team members show up for work every day fully motivated to make a positive impact.


We are in this together. Thank you for your support!



Caspar Copetti, On Co-Founder


Cyclon: Subscribing to The Future.
Cyclon is here to challenge everything you thought you knew about sustainability and performance. We revolutionized running once before. And we’re doing it again. But this time, we need you.
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