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The apparel and footwear industry accounts for about 10% of the global GHG emission. We want to change this.


We’re convinced that the future of our products is not the usual linear lifecycle, but circular. The Global Fashion Agenda and Boston Consulting Group predict a 60% increase in global fashion consumption between 2017 and 2030. Analysis from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation indicates that if the growth in fashion continues along its current trajectory, by 2050 the textile industry would account for around a quarter of the world’s total allowable carbon emissions. In short, more clothes are being produced and used during a shorter time. And we need to do something to stop them all turning into waste. 


A circular approach creates a virtuous cycle for the full production process. It runs from the design process and continues right through to recycling of the product. Then it starts again. Our design and innovation teams are working on developments that will create this never-ending loop for our products. It’s no easy task. Even once we have the circle set up, we still have a major challenge: getting the used products back from consumers so we can reuse the materials in new ones. We also won't compromise on product quality. We like a challenge though. And we really believe that sustainability and performance are not exclusive, but complementary - that is the future of performance footwear and apparel. 


We made a great step forward on this journey lately: Cyclon. Read here all about this exciting project!


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