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Fantastic Photos and Top Tips from an Engadin Expert

Mountain guide and photographer Romano Salis has spent his life exploring and enjoying Engadin – the home of On. Here are some of his favorite snaps and a few tips on how to get the best from a trip there.


Romano Salis grew up in Pontresina, a small mountain village that's a five hour hike from the location of the On Mountain Hut. After leaving school, Romano completed an apprenticeship as a brick layer and served in military, but he never left the Alpine playground of his youth.


Today, he has dedicated his life to preserving and sharing this amazing region through his work as a Mountain Guide and Game Keeper. He's also got a real flair for photography, as you'll see below. Few know the lay of this wonderful land better than Romano. Luckily, he was happy to pen a small blog and share some stunning photos too.



Embrace nature 

"Growing up here is beautiful. You have a massive playground all around you! I like Engadin because it’s very high up and you can very quickly get above the tree line.


"There are so many lakes that are worth visiting - especially the Silsersee (Lake Sils - the largest of the upper Engadin lakes). They make the landscape unique and, together with the imposing mountains, add a mystic mood and atmosphere.


"Plus, it is a very wild place with a wide variety of flora and fauna - perfect for anybody who likes being outside."



Explore the Unknown 

"There are nice walks everywhere as almost every mountain has a trail of some kind. I’d suggest going off-road, as there are lots of tracks that aren’t popular with tourists. They can be more difficult so it’s not always easy, but if you like to walk or run in the mountains it will be a more rewarding experience.


We have lots of very unspoiled trails where you can find solitude. 


"With open fields and woodland areas, Val Fex has its own character and lots of beautiful vantage points and lakes. It’s not that well known but is a really nice place to go for a hike, and you will often be alone. Val Roseg and Fuorcla Surlej are wonderful places to admire the Bernina Massive from its most beautiful side.


"A visit to the Tschierva and Coaz huts is also worthwhile and not too difficult. The Piz Julier, overlooking the Julier Pass, has a wonderful 360° panorama view at the summit - but getting up is not easy."



Or stay at home

"The location of the On Mountain Hut is great. You can easily go for a walk or run without going too far away. It has great views of Lake Lunghin and, of course, you are completely surrounded by mountains. You are also right next to the Lunghin Pass, which is a unique watershed that connects to the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Mediterranean. It’s very nice to visit."



Chase the sun

"Summer is a really beautiful time to visit the Engadin/Bergell region because the sun brings the mountains to life - although snow is dramatic too!


"It can be a little hot at times so make sure you protect yourself and, if you want to cool off, then have a swim in one of the lakes.


I’d also suggest trying to catch the sunrise - you have to get up very early to catch one but it is worth it.



Bring a camera 

"I feel that photography allows you to freeze moments in time. And here in Engadin/Bergell you have so many nice moments because of its special location and how high up it is.


"You have all four seasons and, throughout the year, can see them very clearly. Everything is a bit different here and this really helps me create nice photographs. My camera is always with me.


"In my job as a mountain guide, one experiences many wonderful moments that I love to try and capture.

Although I know the Engadin region well, there is always something new to discover.



All of the fantastic photos in this article appear courtesy of Romano Salis. You can find more of his work on his website and on his Instagram. Go and give him a follow!


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