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Introducing OFF magazine

Discover the new publication celebrating the time we spend off – offline, off the couch and off the beaten path. OFF features leading and emerging voices exploring the intersections of movement, design and sustainability.


Launching a print magazine in the time of TikTok? Yes, you read that right. OFF is a deliberately analog exploration of the time we take “off”. You can think of it as your escape hatch from the frenzy of today’s digital world. 



OFF is all about exploring the links between movement, nature, design, sustainability and the human psyche. It’s precisely at these intersections that we ask leading and emerging writers, photographers and artists to start exploring. OFF contributors have worked for the New York Times, Dazed, Hypebeast, Forbes and The Guardian. Others are only just making their mark on the creative industries. 


Published bi-annually, OFF magazine is available to purchase right here at We launched the first edition at the end of 2021. OFF is currently available in English only. 





In an admittedly less-than-subtle nod to the ethos of the magazine, the inaugral issue of OFF focuses on “disconnection”. In a world that is arguably more connected than ever, it’s a theme with many facets. Features in this first issue explore a range of topics and subjects, from running during lockdown, to indigenous East African tribes, to underground racing in NYC, interior design and the future of psychedelics.


OFF Magazine Issue 01
OFF magazine Issue O1 The first edition of OFF. 156 pages dedicated to the power of disconnection. Your perfect companion for a weekend trip, post-run beer or a quiet cup of coffee.
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Contribute to OFF 


OFF is for a globally minded audience open to varying viewpoints, and curious for untold stories. We’re always excited to hear from leading and emerging talent from all walks of life.



OFF is always looking for engaging written and visual contributions, the kind of stories that resonate long after you’ve closed the pages of the magazine. We’re open to a range of formats—features, articles, interviews, photo essays or art showcases, as well as compelling short-form pieces. 


If you’d like to be published in OFF magazine, send your ideas to


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