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What the atmos Tokyo team is saying about On

Iconic Japanese streetwear retailer atmos doesn't allow just any shoe onto its shelves. And its loyal fan base has high standards. Here's what the team there had to say about the latest On releases.


Japan is fast becoming the ultimate destination for sneakerheads. Japanese streetwear previously took its cues from the west, but the tables have turned.  The epicentre of Japan’s sneaker revolution is Tokyo – and in Tokyo, the place you queue for the latest drop is atmos.  So, in the sneaker capital of the world, in a nation obsessed with running, what are our friends at atmos saying about On?



“It's all about the design.” says G-Ken, Manager at atmos BLUE Omotesando, Tokyo. “It [the Cloud] is so clean, which means everyone can wear it. The shoe has something that no other brand has. It attracts interest.  It creates fascination. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think that's true with this shoe." 

"I say to people "just try it on," because the moment that you try it, your perception of what a shoe can be will be completely redefined."

Takumi Kurihara, Manager at atmos Shinjuku in Tokyo, likes the stripped-back design of the Cloud that combines performance with versatility. 



“It's minimalist, there's nothing unnecessary on this shoe,” he explains. “It adds effortless style, even with a smarter outfit, all because of the shape of the shoe. Pretty much all our customers rate On shoes highly.”


The Cloud
Takumi Kurihara: “The design of the upper is clean and the silhouette makes a huge impact.”
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The Cloudflyer Waterproof
G-Ken: “I am very excited about the future for this shoe. I will be watching out for it and I hope that other people pick it up, try it on, and get that same incredible feeling.”
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The Cloud X
For Running Remixed. Lightweight, fully cushioned performance. On the road. In the gym. In a class. On the street.
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