The On Athletics Club

Eight athletes, one goal: to shake up the world of competitive running. This is the On Athletics Club, our first-ever track team made up of elite runners from all over the globe.


Origin. The point at which something begins or rises.


No matter where you start – everyone is on a journey. We scoured the globe to recruit the best and brightest talent around and now our first-ever track team, made up of a diverse group of middle distance runners, is on a quest to become champions.


The On Athletics Club, or OAC for short, is based at a full-time training facility located in Boulder, Colorado. They eat, sleep and breath running. Led by three-time US Olympian and running legend Dathan Ritzenhein, our eight founding athletes have been training hard ahead of the Olympic qualifiers. 


This is their journey. These are their origins. 

Episode 1: Starting


On was born with world-beating blood coursing through its veins. Our Co-founder, Olivier Bernhard, is a former world champion and it was his innovation that got On started. From a world champion came a shoe like no other. From a revolutionary shoe came a company that’s all about performance. From a company came a team dedicated to becoming champions. In Episode 1, we go back to the beginning and find out what it took to create the OAC from scratch.  


Episode 2: Building


After setting up base in Boulder, Coach Ritz establishes the goals for the OAC – as individuals and as a team. Making Olympic teams, breaking national records, performing on the world stage – Dathan has high hopes for his young team. In Episode 2, he outlines what he feels each member brings to the team. 


Episode 3: Training


After shovelling the snow-covered tracks of Colorado for a few weeks, the team head south for training camp. The athletes work closely with our footwear development team to take our shoes from prototype to pure performance. But when training camp ends, will hard work be enough? Episode 3 takes us behind the scenes as the team ups the ante ahead of their first major test. 



Episode 4: Racing


Los Angeles, New York and Austin – the good news comes flying in from all over as the OAC hits its stride right out of the starting blocks, going from training camp right into a series of impressive competition wins. But which of our eight team members will make it to the Olympic trials? And who might have a shot at being on the plane to Tokyo? Find out in Episode 4. 



Episode 5: Dreaming


We’re close to the end of a truly intense year for the On Athletics Club. With fi members taking on the biggest stage of all this summer, and three new faces to add to the team roster, it’s safe to say there are still more action-packed moments to come.



Scroll down for a look at our all-star team, and find out from Coach Ritz himself why he recruited our eight founding athletes for the OAC.


The Man in Charge
Dathan Ritzenhein is something of an American running legend. He won the prestigious Footlocker Cross Country Championships as a junior and won the NCAA Cross Country title for the University of Colorado. A three-time Olympian and five-time National Champion, he also ran an American record in the 5000 m. Having recently retired from competition, he's been working on building his coaching portfolio – making him the perfect man to lead our exciting new team.



Joe Klecker
A bona fide All-American athlete and the first signing for the OAC, Joe ran track and field during his time at the University of Colorado. PAC-12 Champion. 9 x All-American. 2 x NCAA Runner-Up.
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"I wanted Joe on the team because he is an example of determination and hard work. He has a burning sense of confidence that lets you know nothing will stand in his way."



Alicia Monson
Coffee, dog and morning enthusiast, Alicia applies her cool-and-collected life approach to training but knows when it's time to bring the heat. 5000m NCAA Champion. 3000m Millrose Games Champion. NCAA Cross Country Runner-Up.
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"Alicia has the potential to be one of the greats in distance running. She has the calmness it takes to navigate the highs and lows of professional distance running, but the intrinsic fire needed to be a champion." 



Carlos Villarreal
Originally from Mexico, Carlos moved with his family to the US at seven, where he discovered his passion for running and his furious finishing kick on the race track. 1500m Gold Medalist at the 2019 Pan American Games. U23 Mexican National Record Holder in the 1500 m. 8th Mexican in history to run under the 4-minute mile.
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"Carlos is a closer. If he is in the race when the kicking starts he has one of the best finishing gears I’ve seen. He also brings a sense of humor to the team which helps everyone get through the daily grind and enjoy the process."



Alicja Konieczek
Polish steeplechaser Alicja has moved across the Atlantic Ocean in pursuit of her Olympic dreams. 3000m Steeplechase Winner of the World University Games. 9 x NCAA D2 Champion. 2019 IAAF World Championships Competitor.
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"Alicja has an energy that is infectious combined with a competitive instinct. She qualified for the World Championships in her first year as a professional, but I’m excited to see how high she can soar now that she is surrounded by an incredible training group."



Oliver “Olli” Hoare
Olli started out his sporting career as a competitive swimmer. Soon realizing he was more suited for the track, he switched discipline and landed a spot on the track team for the University of Wisconsin. 2018 1500m NCAA Champion. 8 x All-American. 9 x Big Ten Champion.
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"Olli is the perfect combination of speed and strength. He brings together the speed of an 800m runner with the strength of a 10k runner. While he does add comedy to the team, when it’s time to work he is all business."



Leah Falland (O'Connor)
Born into a big sporting family, Leah’s always had a competitive spirit. Her talent earned her a scholarship to run at Michigan State University. Two NCAA titles. Captain of the 2014 NCAA Cross Country Championship team. Over a dozen Big Ten Championship titles.
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 "Leah was someone I wanted to bring with me to the OAC because we are just getting started with her. She has world class talent and I’ve watched her fight back through physical and emotional pain. Like a phoenix, she rises from the ashes each time."



George "Geordie" Beamish
Middle distance New Zealand champion and Northern Arizona University graduate, Geordie’s speed and determination make him hard to beat. 6 x NCAA All-American. 3 x NCAA XC Champion. 2019 Mile National Champion.
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"Geordie is someone who will make you think outside the box. I see something special in him. He has the engine of a formula one car and with some fine tuning, he’ll be able to handle the training load. The sky is the limit for him."



Emily Oren
Emily was the girl in high school who hated to run, but thanks to some great coaches and mentors, she found her passion for the sport. 9 x NCAA D2 Champion. 3000m Steeplechase in 9:40.65. Honda Woman’s Collegiate Sports Award Recipient.
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"Emily is a steeplechase specialist but she can train hard with anyone from 1500m to the marathon. She has strength and speed and is an incredible teammate, helping to elevate the other women daily in training."




We couldn't be more excited to support this team on their journey to becoming champions. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels and check back here for all the latest updates on the team. 


More stats and facts about the team available over at FloTrack.


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