Where to meet
31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY
August 05, 2021 11:00
August 30, 2021 19:00

Unlock your true running potential at the On London Lab, featuring OnScan technology that not only recommends the best product for you but also gives insight and analysis to help you improve.

We set out in 2010 to revolutionise the sensation of running, creating a highly adaptive sole that reacts to your movement. Compressing horizontally and vertically for soft landings and explosive take-offs - helping unlock your running potential. 

The Performance Lab, located in London’s Shoreditch, is designed to take this to the next level - technology-driven, human-centered - creating an enriching customer experience with our latest technological services. Open from Thursday 5th - Monday 30th August.

At the centre of the Lab stands our interactive Magic Wall with hidden gait-cycle analysis technology. Our OnScan compares key attributes with a database of more than 52,000 runs to provide instant feedback on your running form. This is combined with a custom-built invisible foot scanner to find your perfect size, accurate to within 1.25mm. On experts will talk you through your analysis data and help find the products that suit you best.  

The Lab will also serve as a community hub with a weekly activity schedule for runners and athletes of all backgrounds to help unlock your running potential. 


Come by 

  • Thursday 5th August - Monday 30th August
  • Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-7pm 
  • Sunday (and bank holidays), 11am-6pm
  • Monday, Closed to public

Event schedule:

London Lab

Unlock your running potential at our immersive performance lab featuring the latest OnScan technology and performance running product. Technology-driven, human-centered.

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