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Celebrating the challenge within

Overcoming the rivalry with oneself can be a runner's greatest and most rewarding challenge. It's this inner battle that inspires a film marking the launch of the new Cloud X Black and White editions.

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For most of us, our toughest competition comes not from other runners, but from ourselves. Embracing this internal fight is a core driving force in becoming a better runner, even if it’s not always easy.


As every runner knows, no two training sessions are the same. One day you feel light, unstoppable. The next, you're fighting from a dark place to perform. It's this inner battle, the runner’s ability to harness both sensations and come out the other side a better athlete, that’s celebrated in a new film to mark the launch of the Cloud X Black and White editions

Set on the intense black sands of Reynisfjara, on the southern tip of Iceland, the juxtaposition with the stark white nearby snow offers a visual representation for the two sides of the runner’s internal rivalry. The volcanic backdrop is a nice metaphor for a runner staying cool under pressure yet being driven by a fire within. It’s an abstract interpretation, but with a very practical application.


The new Cloud X editions in Black and Asphalt and White and Black leave no room for grey areas in performance or versatility. Engineered to be at home on the street and in the gym, the Cloud X allows you mix up your workout with other disciplines. This means you can train however is best to crush your inner rival.

The Cloud X is made for running remixed – to handle your workout however you test yourself. It’s the world’s lightest fully cushioned running shoe, made using engineered mesh that supports your foot in the right places and offers breathability without suffocating your foot’s freedom of movement.


The heel cap of the Cloud X benefits from a precision-molded cushioning pad to keep your feet stable if your training gets explosive. Soft landings are provided by the CloudTec® technology. Made with the latest evolution of zero-gravity foam, the elements in the sole are made to move in all directions for unparalleled cushioning on impact. 


Put simply, in the battle against your inner runner, the Cloud X is the partner you want on your side. Embrace the challenge. And the rewards. 

How does the inner battle affect you as a runner? And how do you overcome the rival within? Maybe it’s a particular pre-training routine, a positive mantra or a favorite running route. Whatever it is, share it with us below.