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Conquering the Concrete Jungle: On's Guide to NYC

The New York City running culture is powerful and unique. It’s deeply connected to the human spirit and history of the city – a melting pot of culture, diversity and community. Whether you've conquered a 26-mile course across boroughs, or you're looking to marry your love of the city to a new found interest in running, check out our must-do's when running through NYC.


Find a favorite route (or two, or three)


No other city allows you to see so many cultures in one turn around the corner. Whether you'd like to try a new run route or explore a neighborhood that's been on your bucket list, use the below routes personally mapped by our family of NYC athletes as an inspiration for your next journey. And you can now swing by our brand new NYC flagship store for a custom fitting.


Shorter Distance Routes

These routes are great options for quicker runs with fewer changes in elevation. If you're newer to running, consider trying one of these routes with a friend or a local run crew.


Bronx Route

3.7 miles, 104 feet elevation gain 

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Queens Route

3.23 miles, 98 feet elevation gain

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On NYC Store Route

3.83 miles, 61 feet elevation gain

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Shorter routes are a perfect match with the Cloudswift, designed specifically for city explorers. Find your perfect fit below. 

The Cloudswift
Designed to perform on hard surfaces and provide impact protection. Perfect for workouts and a swift run in the city.
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Longer Distance Routes

These routes are great for testing your endurance and challenging yourself across greater changes in elevation. Check out our recommendations across boroughs below.


Brooklyn Route

5.41 miles, 132 feet elevation gain

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Staten Island Route

4.87 miles, 327 feet elevation gain

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On NYC Store Route

5.41 miles, 132 feet elevation gain

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Longer routes pair well with the Cloudstratus, which offers our maximum level of cushioning to support your entire journey. Grab a pair below.  

The Cloudstratus
The performance shoe for maximum cushioning.
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Meet your NYC On family


It can be challenging to find your own running community, especially across a behemoth like NYC. Luckily, the On family runs deep in the Empire State, and we'd love to meet you. See what our team is up to and send them a DM if you'd like to get involved.



Alphonse Rispoli (@alphonserispoli)

Alphonse has been an On Run Crew ambassador for over three years. He primarily chooses road routes over trail routes, and is part of the Jackrabbit Hoboken Run Club.


Amber Mack (@bktrailrunnergirl)

Amber is a second-year ambassador and has been involved in the running industry since 2001. She's currently the local Customer Care Lead for Jackrabbit and focuses on supporting all runners of NYC.



David Kilgore (@davidkilgore)

As a kid, David Kilgore would chase alligators in the swamps of Palm Bay, Florida. And he still runs fearless. When David’s not busy being the face of On in New York and Philadelphia, US, he’s building mileage and tearing up trails. In 2019, he made his debut for Team USA at the Trail and Ultra Running World Championships.


Joshua Bolanos (@yoshiskyblue7)

Joshua (better know as Yoshi) is a first-year ambassador. He prefers road running and is part of the Brooklyn Track Club. You won't catch him without a smile on his face.



Kyle Price (@kylepriceisright)

Kyle's been an ambassador with On for over three years. He's one of the fastest runners in NYC, part of the Orchard Street Runners club, and holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest completed half marathon in a suit (and the Cloudflow, of course).


Olivia Minicucci (@_minifitness)

Olivia is a first-year ambassador with a passion for nutrition and personal fitness. She's a competitive equestrian show jumper, too, making her a force of fitness on and off the running course.



Keep an ear to the ground

There's always something new happening in the city that never sleeps, and especially within the run crews buzzing around the city. Take a second to meet a few of our favorite crews below.


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Meet the NYC Run Crews: Bronx Sole
Bronx Sole prides themselves on building up the community in every way they can, whether it’s park clean ups or making sure no one gets left behind on a run. 
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Meet the NYC Run Crews: World's Fair
This newly formed run crew in Flushing, Queens is all about uplifting the community. With the mantra “Running Queens Together,” it’s all about putting aside the daily grind and enjoying a group run.
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Follow the #NYCisOn hashtag to keep up with the absolute latest around the boroughs, too. 


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