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Gifts for Half-Marathon Runners + A PR-Smashing Training Plan

Choosing the best gift for the half-marathon runner in your life might just help them break personal records, or inspire them to fly through 2021 faster, fitter, and happier than ever. And we’re here to help.


The Right Running Gifts Make All the Difference


The holidays are all too often a time when people give gifts that don’t mean much. But this year can be different – and we want to do what we can to make that easier. Which is why we created this gift guide for half-marathon runners. 


There are two parts to the guide:


Part 1 (just below). A priceless (but free!) training plan that you can gift. It includes tips that will encourage and support someone as they train towards their first, or fiftieth, half-marathon. It’s easy to print out, so you can include it along with your other gift, which can be selected from…


Part 2 (a bit further below). The ultimate guide to the best gifts for half-marathon runners – from the best running shoes, to the perfect socks. Keep on scrolling to find them all.



From Beginners to Pro-Level – And Everyone In-Between


Whether your partner is aiming to slog, sweat and tears-of-joy through their first-ever half-marathon, or a good friend who’s a long-time runner has shared their desire to knock minutes and seconds off their personal record, we’ve got everything you need right here.


We may be biased, but we honestly believe next year is going to be a huge one for runners of every kind. From people looking to stay fit in new ways, to those who have run for years but are excited to try new ways to compete like “virtual” half-marathons, the coming 12 months are set to be a big leap forward for the running community. 


Only you can choose what gift the casual jogger or relentless athlete in your life needs to push on and hit their 2021 goals. But we’re to support you all however we can.  


Part 1: The On Training Plan. Gift a New Personal Best.


Maybe you know a beginner runner who’s pledged to take the plunge and run their first-ever half-marathon? Or do you live with someone who’s run for years, but never ventures beyond their usual 10k route? Whoever they are, and whatever it is that’s driving them, running long distances requires dedication, training and the right gear.  


That’s why we created this tried-and-tested training plan. It offers an easy-to-understand, simple-to-follow schedule for getting fitter and getting ready – both physically and mentally.


The best gifts for long distance runners are sometimes expensive – which is why we wanted to offer this for exactly $0. Even though it’s free, this training plan will be as valuable as any gift money can buy.


Download the training plan – it’s easy to work with, nice to look at (if we do say so ourselves), and it’s a PDF so it should be easy-as-anything to print out and put in the gift box along with another carefully chosen running gift.  


Download the 12-week half-marathon plan >



Part 2: The Best Gifts for Half-Marathon Runners


From shoes with supreme cushioning for intense road running, to high-performance, high-quality, high-five-on-the-finish-line apparel that supports your every step: our gear makes for some mighty fine gifts for half-marathon runners, no matter what they need. 



The Cloudflow


Co-designed with elite athletes, these lightweight, superbly cushioned shoes were designed to support those who train to win. Helion™ superfoam offers both smooth landings and explosive take-offs. Zoned ventilation lets air flow through. And a new rubber compound with advanced traction patterning offers superior grip. Whatever the weather, training is on.


"I look forward to how my body feels after a long run in these: tired but not beat up. I recommend them to anyone I meet."
- Ashley (Activity: Running; typical distance; over 40km; location: Boulder, CO)
See the Cloudflow


The Cloudstratus


Maximum cushioning, minimum impact. These shoes combine two layers of Helion™ CloudTec®, which work together to offer both vertical and horizontal cushioning. The foot’s pressure is distributed as it lands, then is given a powerful boost as the Speedboard®, activates on push-off. Optimized for comfort and breathability, these shoes also feature a star-lacing configuration. This wraps around the foot for a secure fit and even better support.


"Stable and well cushioned, without being too soft. This is my first On Running shoe and I am truly blown away by the fit, comfort, and cushioning."
– David (activity: running; typical distance: over 40km; location: Munich, Germany)
See the Cloudstratus


The Cloudflyer


Helion™ superfoam for next-level cushioning + a unique Speedboard® for outstanding performance + 3D-molded heel, wider outsole, and plush tongue for comfort like no other = the ultimate in support for half-marathon runners. Makes the heavy impact of road running and training feel lighter than most people can believe.


"Wore these today for the first time and love them just as much as my previous pair. They fit well and look great."
– Jemma (activity: mixed-sports training; typical distance: 0-20km; location: United Kingdom)
See the Cloudflyer


The Cloudboom (elite)


This ultra-lightweight shoe was engineered for fast marathons, road races and long-distance training. The carbon fiber-infused Speedboard® helps create some seriously explosive speed. Plus there’s a twin layer of CloudTec® in Helion™ superfoam, delivering a unique adaptive fit underfoot. The ultimate shoe for long-distance road races.   


"Outstanding cushioning, and really comfortable to wear at any level."
– Takashi (activity: running; typical distance: 0-20km; location: Chiba, Japan)
See the Cloudboom


The Performance Running Socks


Never underestimate the importance of socks for a half-marathon. Our high-performance socks offer lightweight protection, temperature balance and a snug fit. That last point is vital when it comes to avoiding every long-distance runners nightmare: blisters.


"I love them! They are very comfortable. I really don't feel them when I run which is very nice and they stay in place no matter the movements I make."
- Laure (activity: running; typical distance: 0-20km; location: Paris, France)
See the Performance Running Socks


The Lightweight Cap


Tear proof woven fabrics, ultra-soft sweatbands, clip-pull sizing and finished with hand-detailing: our cap out-performs just about every other cap out there. For protection, for ventilation, for feel, for looks – this featherlight cap is made to go the distance.


"The internal soft band makes it very comfy to wear for long periods too. I'll be using it a lot. Every runner needs a good hat, and this is the best I've tried. Love it!"
– Angela
See the Lightweight Cap


So there we have it: a whole holiday’s worth of cool gifts for half-marathon runners. Still want to explore more? We got you…


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- Use our Shoe Finder to pick the perfect shoe, for every individual running need.  

- Explore our entire range for men, or for women.


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