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Meet the NYC Run Crews: Brandon Espinosa

Brandon runs with members of the Bronx community in order to inspire individuals who are not often represented in mainstream run culture. He is a strong member and leader in the Bronx community. He’s general manager at Bronx Brewery (a local spot where many Bronxites meet up and engage with the community, oftentimes after a group run) and the founder and CEO of The Salsa Project (a movement rooted in getting more young people involved in Salsa music). 


When you’re in a borough that is historically under resourced and has faced many challenges, we run to inspire. Representation is inspiration. We’re running for a better tomorrow and a healthier Bronx.



On: Hey Brandon, tell us, what’s a typical run in the Bronx look like for you?


Brandon: “A lot of my running is done in the Bronx, so some days I’m running by piles of trash other days I’m admiring murals, other days I’m running by people in the community playing dominoes and listening to salsa music or hip hop or people hanging out on fire escapes. So, it’s always different. But whenever I hit that pavement, it’s an opportunity for me to be a better version of myself.”


What does being a runner from the Bronx mean to you?


Running in the Bronx has always been an opportunity to represent and inspire my people.


“In the Bronx there isn’t any representation of black and brown folks running through the streets. They’re usually running from something to something, the hustle and bustle of NYC, and so a few times when we’ve been out on a run, people have shouted ‘what are you guys running from?’ But the times people have said ‘I want to get out and run with you’ is very inspiring.”


What sets the Bronx apart from other boroughs?


“The Bronx is the place where many immigrants came when they moved to New York from Puerto Rico and Cuba. So, I like to think of the Bronx as a melting pot of cultures, diversity and community that is unique and like no other borough in NYC.”


“You also have to think of the toughness and grittiness that comes from saying you’re from the Bronx and repping that. I’ll travel the world and say, ‘I’m from the Bronx’ and people will say ‘oooo’.”


There is this aura and swag that comes with being from the Bronx and I think that’s what makes it so special. 


Interested in meeting up with Brandon and his run crew? Send him an email ( to get involved. 


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