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Change Your Perspective, Find Your Peak

The next-generation Cloudventure Peak is here. To mark the launch, we’ve created a video using cutting-edge laser mapping techniques to capture the Swiss Alps in a way unlike any you’ve seen before. Change your perspective.


Born in the Swiss Alps, bred to conquer mountains and trails all over the world. This is the shoe that changes the way you see off-road racing. This is the second-generation Cloudventure Peak


Designed to be the ultimate tool for powering up, down and across trails the world over, it’s lightweight, agile and packed with Swiss-engineered updates. 


Reach new peaks, unlock new experiences, reduce the distance between runner and running environment. It’s our iconic trail racing shoe taken to even higher levels of performance.



Engage Your Instincts 


For many, off-road racing is an instinctive endeavour. A way of disconnecting from life’s trials and tribulations, a way of connecting with nature and the outside environment. 


The focus required on technical trails means runners can become almost meditative, focusing purely on their run and the obstacles that lie ahead of them.


Some even find a new perspective; a new way of running and embracing the elements. 


The Cloudventure Peak
The next-gen ultralight trail racing shoe featuring Missiongrip™ for aggressive traction on tough inclines and CloudTec® for clever downhill cushioning over long distances. Power up. Power down. Power On.


To salute this state of mind, and the launch our new trail-racing shoe, we wanted to capture the Swiss Alps like never before. 


So, we enlisted the help of ScanLAB Projects who, in their own words, are “a pioneering creative practice exploring the world through precise, beautiful digital replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events.” 


They specialize in using 3D scanners to create unique works of art using intricate scans of areas to create sketch-like digital images. 


We feel that the results speak for themselves, and you can see the new video above. Or discover exactly how we made it by watching the behind the scenes video below. 


Power your Mission
The Cloudventure Peak was made to break new ground and reach new heights of performance racing. Discover all the Swiss-engineered technology we managed to pack into it.
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