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Tech Profile: The Waterproof Anorak

Not only waterproof and windproof but also breathable, durable and sustainable. Introducing the Waterproof Anorak.


When it comes to outdoor adventure, the On philosophy is to think weather, not whether. The new Waterproof Anorak is Swiss engineered for those that refuse to let rain mess with their missions – in the mountains or the city. Its ultralight minimalist design hides heavyweight element defences. This a closer look at the tech that makes this performance possible. 


Three-layer membrane technology. 

The Waterproof Anorak is made using a three-layer laminate membrane construction, with the membrane sitting between two other lightweight layers that serve as the anorak’s outer and lining. In combination, the three layers work as a dynamic breathable system that is both water- and windproof. 



100% Waterproof

The level of waterproofing a material provides is measured using a water column rating. This assesses how much water and pressure a material can take before water gets through. The name relates to the test for waterproof properties of a material. It’s literally a case of placing the fabric under a tower, then filling the tower with water until the pressure builds to a level that pushes the water through. The higher the water column, the more waterproof a fabric is. 


European standards (EN 343 to be exact) state that a material is waterproof if it possesses a water column rating of at least 1,300 mm. The On Waterproof Anorak has a water column of 20,000 mm. This means it keeps water out even when pressure is applied. In real-life adventure, this means you stay dry even in driving rain, if you lean against something wet, or when wearing a backpack, where the pressure of the straps would otherwise push water through. 



100% Windproof

When running or hiking on exposed ground, in a valley or even between tall buildings, strong winds remove the warming layer of air that usually sits around the body. This is what you know as wind chill, and it cold weather feel even colder than it is. The three layers of the Waterproof Anorak membrane prevent this happening by acting as a barrier to keep wind out entirely. But that doesn’t mean it’s not breathable…


High Breathability 

Designed with an athletic cut, the Waterproof Anorak is made to move, whether that’s on an autumn commute or a high-altitude trail run. In either case, the body needs to breathe and in the Waterproof Anorak, it can. 



The three-layer membrane construction harnesses both chemical and physical principles to remove perspiration from the skin as water vapor, ensuring stay-dry comfort while keeping temperature in balance. 


This technology is also dynamic. Hydrophilic elements within the membrane actively attract moisture and transport it as vapour to the outer layer. When in contact with moisture, these elements also expand, meaning that the more you sweat, the higher the breathability of the anorak becomes. 


Breathability can be measured using a resistance evaporation transmission value (RET). An RET value below 6 can be considered good breathability. The Waterproof Anorak has an RET value of 0.5, offering plenty of room to breathe however you push through the rain. 


PTFE- and PFC-free

The Waterproof Anorak was truly designed with the long run in mind – in more ways than one. The selected membrane is waterproof, windproof and breathable, but also durable. Made to handle the demands of the Swiss Alps, it is made tough enough for the trail yet with plenty of stretch for active comfort. 


The materials responsible for the performance of the Waterproof Anorak were carefully selected to perform responsibly long term. The advanced waterproof membrane is not only breathable, stretchable and durable, it’s also entirely PTFE-free. What’s more, its 20,000 mm water column is backed-up by a PFC-free durable water-repellant coating. 



Ready for anything

The high performance of the premium membrane is further enhanced by the Waterproof Anorak’s Swiss engineered design. The breathability of the material is supported by hidden airflow vents on the front and back. The front of the anorak also features reflective taping that adds shine after dark. In addition, bonded seams keep weight down and water out, while adding to the clean design.



The innovative hood is adjustable to ensure clear vision and comfort as it keeps rain out. You can also use the same adjustment tie to roll up the hood when the weather changes. And if things warm up, the whole anorak packs into its own inner pocket for easy portability. 


In Britain the term “anorak” is used to describe someone who obsesses over things that others don’t usually find interesting. We don’t mind admitting that we embraced this obsessive approach when engineering the Waterproof Anorak. Regardless whether you’re also passionate about water column calculations, you’ll appreciate the the ultralight breathable protection this piece provides when you wear it to take on the elements – whether that’s at high altitude or downtown. 

The Waterproof Anorak
The waterproof and windproof jacket for outdoor adventure. Made for the mountains. Made to move.
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